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Nov 29 / BARD CEP

Food Campaigns Director — Washington, D.C.

Organization: Green America

Job Title: Food Campaigns Director

Location: Washington, D.C.

Hours and Compensation: full-time (4-days, 32 hours/week) & $36,000 – $42,000/Grant Track Position

Application Deadline: Jan. 14 ,2013

Posted On: Nov. 13, 2012

Organization Overview

Green America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a just and sustainable society by harnessing economic power for positive change. Our unique approach involves working with consumers, investors and businesses. Our workplace reflects our goal of creating a more cooperative, environmentally sound economy. We have a participatory decision-making process, which aims to build consensus within the departments and teams.

Green America’s Corporate Responsibility Division works to promote greater social and environmental responsibility with larger corporations. The Division works to preserve forests, address climate change, promote fair trade and create safe foods that preserve the planet. Green America’s Take Back Our Food Campaign is part of the Corporate Responsibility Division.


The Food Campaign Director will be in charge of Green America’s Take Back Our Food Campaigns, which seek to educate the public about problems with the increasing industrialization of our food systems and GMOs, the importance of local and organic foods, and the need for all Americans to take action to take back our food supply to protect the health of people and the planet. A major part of the position will be directing GMO Inside, a new campaign that will get a wide range of Americans active in labeling GMO foods and taking action to get them out of their homes and communities.


  1. Direct Green America’s GMOinside Campaign
  • Plan and execute campaign activities in conjunction with the campaign’s steering committee.
  • Oversee all campaign actions and work with allies to make sure actions reach a wide range of Americans, and that actions are taken and are effective.
  • Create and oversee content about the campaign on its website, social media pages, and in press releases.
  • Represent the campaign at public events and in the media.
  • Work with Green America staff to integrate the campaign into Green America’s events, websites, social media, and publications.
  • Assist with campaign fundraising.

2. Direct Green America’s Food Campaigning Overall

  • Work with Green America’s staff to promote local, organic and healthy foods through events, websites, social media, and publications.
  • Create actions for Green America members and the public to take on food issues.
  • Speak on behalf of Green America at events and to media about food issues.
  • Take part in Green America staff meetings, planning meetings, fundraising and budgeting on behalf of the Food Campaign.


  • Strong campaign skills. Three to five years of campaign experience, particularly in relation to food campaigning.
  • Experience with corporate campaigning, including developing action that target companies, building coalitions, and negotiating with senior management at corporations.
  • A passion for and strong knowledge of food issues, including GMOs, industrialized food systems, local foods, and organics.
  • Ability to manage projects with multiple deadlines.
  • Experience with social media, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Strong research and writing skills.
  • Strong speaking skills.
  • Ability to lead coalitions and to reach consensus.
  • Experience with fundraising a plus.
  • Bachelors degree preferred.

How to Apply

Send cover letter and resume to: Contact: T. Larsen, Green America, 1612 K Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006,

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