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Dec 10 / BARD CEP

Allegheny Mountain School Food Sustainability Fellowships for 2013 — Monterey, VA

Organization: Allegheny Mountain School

Job Title: Food Sustainability Fellowship

Location: Monterey, VA

Hours and Compensation: $1,000 at the end of 6 months and $1,250 monthly for the last 12 months

Application Deadline: rolling

Position Dates: 18 month position (April 28, 2013 – Dec. 31, 2014)

Posted On: Dec, 9 2012

Organization Overview

Allegheny Mountain School (AMS), located in Highland County, VA, is a not-for-profit experiential fellowship program designed to serve our region’s communities in developing a more secure food system.


Are you interested in food sustainability? Allegheny Mountain School is looking for seven to nine inspiring individuals to participate in our 18 month fully-funded fellowship program.

In the spring of 2013, Allegheny Mountain School will assemble its third cohort and we are currently accepting applications for these roles.

AMS is a two phased program. In Phase I (April 28 – November 1, 2013), AMS Fellows will study sustainable food production, land stewardship and community development in an intensive, hands-on, cooperative learning residency. Work and study both take place on the farm and at community projects in surrounding areas.

Workshops and seminars will occur both on and off campus.

In the year following (January 1 — December 31, 2014), AMS Fellows enter Phase II and will work in the service of Partner Organizations in our region and focus on activities such as building community gardens, advocating sustainable land use and teaching nutrition and cooking for a healthy lifestyle. AMS Fellows learn sustainable food cultivation and restorative, nourishing traditions. Our vision for this year of service is that each AMS Fellow will have touched the lives of at least ten families in their community through their work and become lifelong ambassadors for a local food culture and earth stewardship.

AMS Fellows are provided room and board during Phase I and there are no program fees (other than to apply). AMS provides basic kitchen staples and the Fellows grow much of their own food.

At the end of the six months, AMS Fellows receive a $1,000 stipend for successful completion of this portion of the program.

During Phase II, Fellows receive a $1,250 monthly stipend for their work for the duration of 12 months and are expected to help build capacity in our Partner Organizations as they share and teach the skills they have learned during their first six months in the program.


Applicants should be highly curious, responsible, hardworking young adults with a strong interest in learning the “how” and “why” of growing and preparing one’s own food and teaching those skills to members of our local communities.

How to Apply

For more information, visit:

…or email us at

Allegheny Mountain School is a program of The Highland Center in Monterey VA.

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