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Jan 10 / BARD CEP

Environmental Sustainability Internship — Croix des Bouquets, Haiti

Organization: Haitian American Caucus

Job Title: Environmental Sustainability Internship

Location: Croix des Bouquets, Haiti

Hours and Compensation: 40 hours a week and unpaid

Application Deadline: 

Session 1: May 27th to June 30th – Application Deadline: April 1st

Session 2: July 8th to August 11th – Application Deadline: May 1st

Position Dates: 

Session 1: May 27th to June 30th

Session 2: July 8th to August 11th

Posted On: Jan. 9, 2013


The internship program consists of three main components:

  1. Service projects – work on and off the HAC compound in your area of focus
  2. Visit partner organizations – travel to other non-profits in the area to tour their facilities and learn about development work being done all over Haiti
  3. Cultural Excursions – visit various landmarks throughout Port au Prince and provinces

Accommodations: Interns live in a shared space on the second floor of our compound. 3 meals a day, twin or bunk style beds, Western style bathrooms with running water, and wi-fi internet access is available for all interns. Haitian Creole lessons will also be provided. Interns are expected to pay an accommodation fee for their housing, meals, and transportation in Haiti. They are also responsible for airfare and any personal expenses throughout the program.

Agriculture and Environment

Much of the food purchased within Haiti has been imported and comes at a higher price to the consumer than if the product was grown locally. HAC-Haiti strongly believes in the skills and efforts of our local small land owning farmers and seeks to continue to provide them with support and skills training that will help them expand their practices and sell their goods to a larger community. In addition to our agricultural skills program we also run an animal husbandry program.


  • Help start and develop school gardens and agricultural projects
  • Develop and manage environmental training programs
  • Work within existing community programs
  • Work directly with local farmers to learn their specific challenges and needs
  • Observe and evaluate local environmental initiatives


  • Ability to live in a communal setting in a developing nation
  • Ability to work and communicate in a resource scarce environment
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a multicultural team
  • Committed to help empower the local Haitian community
  • Flexibility with time and task requirements
  • Independent and self-motivated


  • Those skilled in organic farming, agricultural training, and animal husbandry are encouraged to apply.
  • 2 years of agricultural experience
  • Strong commitment to preserving the environment

How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to
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