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Jan 10 / BARD CEP

The Human Impacts Institute (New York, New York)

The Human Impacts Institute

New York, New York


Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Impacts Institute is to foster sustainable human impacts on ecosystems through inspired engagement, leadership, collaboration, knowledge-building and creative expression.  We promote healthy community development by connecting communities through a shared awareness of, and accountability for, the natural environment.

Issue Areas – Action Issues

Using NYC as a laboratory, the Human Impacts Institute connects global communities in resource sharing and environmental awareness. Our program participants commit to conscious environmental decision-making, take responsibility for their environmental impacts and are dedicated to long-term solutions through:

Experiential Education
–participants practice leadership through hands-on problem solving and community service;

Collaborative Partnerships–organizations unite through resource sharing, joint advocacy, and idea development;

Participatory Research
–students and research institutions provide free research services to the Hii community; and

Creative Expression–individuals use culture and art to inspire others to engage in environmental issues and solutions.

Student Name and Class Year: LeAnne Harvey, MS ’13

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If you are interested in getting in touch with this student/alum, please contact Caroline Ramaley,

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