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Jan 10 / BARD CEP

Grow Food Northampton (Northampton, Massachusetts)

Grow Food Northampton

Northampton, Massachusetts


Mission Statement

Grow Foods Northampton’s mission is to promote food security by advancing sustainable agriculture in the Northampton, Massachusetts area.

Issue Areas – Action Issues

To increase local food access, we …

  • Steward a sustainable community farm that provides food for the local community.
  • Manage an organic community garden.
  • Facilitate the preservation of farms and prime farmland in our area.
  • Make affordable garden space and nutritious local food more available to disadvantaged populations.
  • Provide new farmers with affordable farmland for lease.
  • Encourage innovative farming and gardening methods among local food growers.

To foster education in sustainable, organic agriculture we …

  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities in sustainable agriculture and facilitate the sharing of information, tools and resources.
  • Establish educational partnerships with local schools, service agencies, and other agricultural organizations.
  • Disseminate broadly up-to-date information & resources regarding local agriculture, and archive & share our “lessons learned”.

To support the creation of a local, vibrant sustainable agriculture economy, we…

  • Assist in the creation and execution of a broadly supported “agricultural vision” for Northampton.
  • Collaborate with agricultural and farm conservation organizations, and food-producers throughout the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts to identify and fill gaps in our current food system.
  • Spotlight the benefits of small-scale, sustainable agriculture over industrial farming.

Student Name and Class Year: Jen Morrow, MS ’12

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