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Feb 20 / BARD CEP

Renewable Natural Gas Research Internship – New York, NY

Organization: Energy Vision

Position Title: Renewable Natural Gas Research Intern

Location: New York, NY

Organization Overview:

Energy Vision is a national environmental non-profit organization (think-tank), founded in 2007, that analyzes and promotes ways to make a swift transition in this country to pollution-free renewable energy sources and clean, petroleum-free transportation fuels.

Launched by a team with over a decade of recognized expertise in the alt fuels arena, Energy Vision’s initial focus has been on US buses and trucks. This sector is unique in having the capacity to transition away from diesel fuel to a petroleum-free alternative – domestic natural gas. The shift from a liquid to a gas fuel paves the way to an even better gas fuel – one almost identical to conventional natural gas but made from gases generated wherever organic wastes break down, called renewable natural gas (RNG).

While trucks and buses make up only 4% of all on-road vehicles in the U.S., they consume 23% of vehicle fuel so their conversion away from diesel has a significant impact on U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Since its inception, EV has been the catalyst behind the successful shift of hundreds of municipal and private heavy-duty refuse trucks to natural gas in the northeast. To learn more about Energy Vision, please visit:


Energy Vision is looking for one or two interns to help research a variety of topics surrounding the emergence of renewable natural gas (RNG) or “biomethane” as a vehicle fuel option. We are currently working with waste management businesses, civic leaders, utility companies, and interested parties to develop a renewable natural gas industry in this country (with a particular focus on New York and New Jersey). It’s very important that we are aware of all RNG projects as well as the associated economic and policy drivers. European countries such as Sweden, Norway, France, Germany and Spain have made this gas a commercial option and there is no reason why the U.S. is not utilizing this renewable resource.


  • Strong and accuracy oriented in data collection and management
  • Effective communicator on the phone
  • Good analytical writer
  • Interest in learning about alternative transportation fuels

To Apply: If interested, please send your resume, cover letter, and a short writing sample to Matt Tomich at Please also take a look at our most recent report on renewable natural gas and be prepared to discuss the findings:

Contact Information:

Energy Vision,

138 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003

(212) 228-0225

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