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Mar 1 / BARD CEP

Sierra Club Legislative Offices (Washington DC)





Sierra Club Legislative Offices

Washington DC


Mission Statement

The Washington DC Legislative office concentrates on monitoring legislative activities and public policy decisions of environmental concern, while also educating Congress, the public, and Sierra Club members regarding the quality of the natural environment.

Issue Areas – Action Issues

  • Beyond Natural Gas Campaign
  • Beyond Oil Campaign
  • Labor and Trade
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Quality
  • Public Lands
  • Coal
  • Global Warming and Energy
  • Political Department
  • Media Department
  • The Sierra Student Coalition (SSC)
  • Mission Outdoors
  • Polling & Research
  • Organizing and Federal Policy
  • Operations


Student Name and Class Year: Sarah Smith, MS ’08

If you are interested in getting in touch with this student/alum, please contact Caroline Ramaley,

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