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Mar 15 / BARD CEP

Advanced Center of Tourism and Hospitality Research (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Advanced Center of Tourism and Hospitality Research

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Mission Statement

Sustainable development of tourism from a strategic and network perspective

Issue Areas – Action Issues

The project Innovation processes in Tourism from a Strategic Network Perspective: levering socio-economic development in the city of Rio de Janeiro, financed by FAPERJ/CNPq – (PRONEX Proc. No. E-26/170.010/2008) has a central objective with two main focuses:

Central Objective 
Development of conceptual tools

Main focus 1 
Support management actions – contribute to the development of innovation processes in the tourism sector within a systemic, network and strategic perspective.

Main Focus 2 
Support the creation and development of Public Policies for the sustainable socio-economic development of Rio de Janeiro by way of tourism.

The research is based on the assumption that a network perspective makes it possible to integrate the various elements and dimensions focused on by the project, notably Innovation, Public & Private Institutions and Socio-Economic Development.

Student Name and Class Year: Maureen Flores, MS ’05

If you are interested in getting in touch with this student/alum, please contact Caroline Ramaley,

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