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May 16 / BARD CEP

Clean Tech and Climate Change Intern – Los Angeles, CA

Organization: The Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation

Position Title: Clean Tech and Climate Change Intern

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hours & Compensation: 15 hours/week. Unpaid.

Position Dates: August – December 2013.

Application Deadline: None posted.

Posted On: May 14, 2013.

Organization Overview:

The Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (iCET), a leading policy think-tank in the areas of low-carbon development and climate change, is an independent non-profit, professional organization registered in Beijing, China and California, USA. The core mission of iCET is to mitigate climate change through the promotion of low-carbon transportation, clean energy, energy efficiency and carbon registration practices and policies in China.

iCET is a solutions-oriented organization and pursues its goals by actively developing projects with different stakeholders, both inside China and around the world. iCET’s work falls primarily into the following four categories:

Identifying and Introducing International Best Practices: Identifying international best practices on low carbon development and climate change policies; assessing their suitability for China; introducing and transferring innovative best practice into China.

Providing Expert Advice: Collaborating with Chinese and international experts to provide advice and suggestions to national and local governments and business communities on low-carbon development and innovations; conducting in-depth analysis and policy studies on improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Planning and Coordination: Organizing international conferences and workshops; facilitating the exchange of ideas, cooperation, and coordination among various stakeholders, including central and local government bodies, the private sector, NGOs, academics and consumers.

Media Outreach: Using public media to educate governments and the public; promoting environmental consciousness and a demand for green consumer products in China.


The intern will help with research and development work in area of international sustainable development. This work will involve research, policy or market analysis, market analysis and memo writing, and will result in the intern obtaining an excellent introduction to the exciting clean tech, clean energy and climate change policy and practices in China.


  • Assist in a US Clean Technology Products and Service Export Center in China (US Department of Commerce sponsored) in various capacities. Visit our website:
  • Collect US company data and update corporate database
  • Conduct China market research for US companies who want to export clean technology to China
  • Play a major role in assisting with California-China collaboration on transferring California’s best climate change policies (Assembly Bill 32) and introducing best practices to China
  • Conduct policy research and policy analysis, and draft policy papers
  • Assist with marketing activities in relation to the Energy and Climate Registry, and Global Climate Registry Alliance
  • Work with our partner, The Climate Registry ( and assisting The Climate Registry (TCR) in various projects as required. iCET and TCR share an office in downtown LA
  • Translate working documents and assist with program delivery
  • Training will include skills such as project flow, database management, report writing, and other technical mastery


  • Interest in sustainable development, clean technology, or carbon management
  • Strong ability to do desk-top policy and/or business research and analysis
  • Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Office and internet research
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with teams
  • Good communication skills; proficiency in Chinese language is highly preferred
  • Hard-working, organized, and strong sense of responsibility

How to Apply: 

Please send a brief description of your availability to intern, your desire to intern in Beijing or in Los Angeles, English and Mandarin language skills, interest, experience and qualifications and a CV to

The internship is ongoing, so feel free to apply after the start date or the application deadline.

Contact Information: 

The Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation: or

601 W 5th St., Los Angeles, CA

Job URL:

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