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May 22 / BARD CEP

Natural Resource Inventory and Management – upstate New York

Organization: Audubon International

Position: Natural Resource Inventory and Management Intern

Location: Upstate New York

Hours & Compensation: No information posted.

Position Dates: Summer

Application Deadline: June 7, 2013, but applications will be reviewed as received.

Organization Overview:

Audubon International owns and manages four properties in upstate New York that were donated to the organization for use as natural wildlife habitat, water resource protection, or public research and education. Audubon International’s flagship property is the 140-acre Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary in Selkirk, New York, which serves as a wildlife sanctuary and environmental education center, with open (and free) daily access to hiking trails. Other properties owned by Audubon International include: a 14-acre wetland preserve and a 5-acre parcel of woodland (both of which border 200-acres of privately owned wetlands in Bethlehem, New York); the 87-acre Charleston Preserve in Montgomery County, New York; and the 86-acre Schroon River Preserve in Warren County, New York, which borders the Schroon River and includes several acres of wetlands. Each of these properties are intended to be maintained as wildlife habitat to promote native biodiversity and managed for water resource protection, where possible.


Audubon International has received a grant from the 2013 round of the New York DEC Conservation Partnership Program to perform natural resource inventories and develop management plans on one or more of its four properties in upstate New York. An opportunity is available for a graduate student or advanced undergraduate student (or team of students) from local college or university to receive independent study, internship, senior honors thesis, or capstone project credit for conducting a natural resource inventory on one of the fee-owned properties listed below, and developing a comprehensive management plan for the property. Preferred candidates will be seniors or graduate students majoring in natural resources management, environmental studies, ecology, land use planning, or a related discipline at a local institution of higher learning.


  • Conduct a thorough document review of the property, including reviewing prior natural resource assessments, management plans, property deeds, photographs, maps, and other historical information. Most of this information will be provided by Audubon International, but students are welcome to conduct further research by obtaining aerial photographs, surveys, etc. from local archives.
  • Conduct a baseline natural resource inventory (NRI) for the assigned property. A template NRI will be provided. The NRI will summarize historical data, catalog vegetative communities, wildlife occurrences, and other natural resources within the property, and identify areas where natural resource protection can be enhanced through passive (i.e., preservation) and active management strategies (i.e., invasive species removal).
  • Create a detailed map of property locations and boundaries, land use/land cover, water resources, wildlife habitat, geologic features, and public access points using GPS and GIS mapping tools. Photographs should also be taken of the property, preferably of features on the map that were of note.
  • Develop a comprehensive management plan and proposed budget for the property. A template for the management plan will be provided. The plan should articulate natural resource conservation and environmental education goals for the property and detail measurable objectives and management actions for achieving these goals. Property goals may include native biodiversity enhancement, habitat restoration, environmental education, scientific research, conservation assistance, or public access improvements.

How to Apply: 

For more information, please contact Laura Karosic, Audubon International Special Projects Coordinator at or 518-767-9051 x120. To apply, please provide a succinct letter of interest and resume (including relevant work experience and coursework completed) no later than Saturday, June 8, 2013.

Contact Information: 

Laura Karosic, Audubon International Special Projects Coordinator,


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