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Jun 5 / BARD CEP

Program Coordinator for Climate Action Liaison Coalition – Boston, MA

Organization: Tech Networks of Boston

Position Title: Program Coordinator for Climate Action Liaison Coalition

Location: Boston, MA

Hours & Compensation: Full-time. No salary information provided.

Position Dates: Start July 1, 2013.

Application Deadline: June 25, 2013.

Posted On: June 4, 2013.


Climate Action Liaison Coalition (CALC) is a coalition of small businesses committed to taking targeted action to end the climate crisis and to create resilient local economies that work for people and the planet.  CALC defines and communicates the business community’s voice in favor of public policy that takes targeted action against the climate crisis. CALC works by asking responsible businesses to participate in safeguarding our future by hiring a Climate Action Liaison (CAL). The CAL is responsible for assesssing the risks and opportunities that climate change presents to the business, educating fellow employees, and working with senior executives to advocate for public policy changes to safeguard our future.


The CALC Program Coordinator maintains the responsibilities of a CAL at Tech Networks of Boston (CALC’s founding business), while working with the advisory board and partners to lead and manage the coalition of CALs and business.


  • Coordinate efforts to develop the program design and framework.
  • Facilitate the needs of the businesses in the coalition by delivering on special requests and ensuring that liaisons are properly matched with businesses so that each liaison’s unique skill set is leveraged for success.
  • Develop curriculum for liaison training and lead liaison training events.
  • Mentor current CALs.
  • Actively recruit new CALs and businesses into the coalition and empower current CALs to do the same through your mentoring and curriculum/training.
  • Empower CALs to determine strategic goals of their own to achieve targeted action within their business and also within CALC as a whole.
  • Manage relationships with partner organizations, advisory board and businesses to ensure that we are devliering adn receiving value.
  • Manage the social media for CALC including the main website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, andTwitter.


  • Understanding of the science of climate change and its impacts on society
  • A passion for social entrepreneurship and the environment
  • Strong leadership abilities coupled with an outgoing, make-it-happen attitude
  • An ability to reach out to team members and associates for help when needed
  • The ability to set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Preferred, but not required:

  • Experience in community organizing whether professional or volunteer
  • Business experience, particularly strong salesmanship skills
  • Comfortable with engaging individuals of diverse backgrounds and experience levels
  • A history of volunteerism and activism

How to Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to

Contact Information:

Tech Networks of Boston,

1 Wadleigh Place, Boston, MA 02127

Job URL:

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