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Jul 23 / BARD CEP

ACE AZ AmeriCorps Intern – Flagstaff, AZ

Organization: American Conservation Experience

Position Title: ACE AZ – AmeriCorps Intern

Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Hours & Compensation: Full-time. Interns will obtain an Education Award (amount based on number of hours served, ex: 450 – $1,468.00 and 900 – $2,775.00) upon successful completion of service. The education award can be allocated towards most past, present, and future endeavors in secondary education or vocational pursuits. ACE aims to prevent financial hardship by providing interns with free meals/food during all project days as well as free dorm-style housing in Flagstaff during off-days. 675 and 900 AmeriCorps Interns will receive a $220.00 bi-weekly stipend. ACE members save over $600 per month due to ACE accommodations with free housing and food.

Application Deadline: August 8, 2013

Organization Overview:

American Conservation Experience (ACE), a non-profit conservation youth corps provides professional development and outdoor project opportunities to young adults from a wide range of backgrounds. ACE crews work on a variety of environmental projects with several land management agencies throughout the American Southwest.

ACE is seeking AmeriCorps Interns dedicated to working 12, 18, or 24 weeks (450, 675 or 900 hours, respectively) on a combination of trails, fencing, fuels reduction, erosion control, wildlife survey, and ecological restoration projects with land management agencies (National Park Service, US Forest Service, etc.) throughout the western U.S. This opportunity is intended for enthusiastic young adults with a background in an environmental field and/or a dedicated interest in pursuing a career in conservation and environmental stewardship. These internships provide the opportunity to learn and train among professional mentors and participate in the execution of significant conservation and land management objectives. AmeriCorps Interns will also gain leadership skills while helping to support ACE conservation volunteers who are rotated through long term projects.


Start dates are flexible but all positions must be filled by August 31st, 2013! We will also have volunteer opportunities available starting September!

450 hour position
Start Date: August 10, 2013
End Date: November 2, 2013

675 hour position
Start Date: August 10, 2013
End Date: December 13, 2013

900 hour position
Start Date: August 10, 2013
End Date: February 22, 2013 (possible promotion to crew leader around this time).

AmeriCorps interns will participate in training courses or orientations before leaving for their first project. Training courses will depend on the particular position gained but may include some of the following: chainsaw use, Wilderness First Aid, CPR and First Aid, map and compass, AmeriCorps and ACE orientation, ACE safety, and Leave No Trace ethics. Depending on the project schedule, interns will gain a hands-on experience in trail construction, dry-stone masonry, ecological restoration, and/or fence installation/removal. Interns will be also gain leadership experience by acting as team leaders.


Like all ACE participants, ACE places high standards and expectations for AmeriCorps interns. All interns must successfully complete their term of service by fulfilling their hour commitment (450/675/900) and implementing a volunteer service project within the local Flagstaff community. Interns fulfill their commitment by playing a role in accomplishing various conservation projects throughout the American Southwest. ACE projects require a safe and professional environment, physically demanding manual labor, and a positive attitude. Interns must be physically active and expect to hike long distances on rough terrain and persevere through adverse weather conditions. ACE crews typically work 80 hours over 8 or 9 consecutive days. However, ACE crews may be required to participate on projects spanning 4 to 8 weeks at a time. Interns are expected to play a role in preparing and implementing various ACE projects by coordinating closely with ACE staff members and project sponsors. Interns will be held accountable for making safety a top priority, serving as a positive role model for other corps members, and submitting required paperwork in a timely fashion.


Applicants for ACE’s AmeriCorps Professional Development Internship should have an established interest in conservation issues and/or a background in Forestry or a similar field, and should take evident joy in tackling challenging situations with a positive mindset. Applicants do not need a lot of conservation or outdoor experience but must be willing to undertake arduous physical work in all types of weather and terrain, and to participate as a team member, dedicated to ACE’s mission. Preference will be given to former and graduating ACE corps members, graduated members of other conservation corps, and those with a history of committed engagement in similar volunteer and/or outdoors activities. ACE’s AmeriCorps Professional Development Program is meant as a stepping stone to environmental careers and/or as a gateway to potential leadership positions within ACE as well as an interesting and rewarding way to spend up to 24 weeks working in beautiful locations. Applicants should look at this internship as a career opportunity rather than a “job”. Drug users, including recreational smokers of marijuana, should not consider applying, as ACE reserves the right to require drug testing and generally abhors the presence of drug users in our program.

Internship is available to US Citizens and Green Card holders only.

Must be over 18 years of age.

Interns must have personal medical insurance for the duration of their participation with ACE.

ACE will provide tents to all interns (upon request) but all other camping items such as sturdy boots, sleeping bags, backpacks, and raingear must be provided by successful applicants.

How to Apply: 

Please email your resume, cover letter, and 3 professional references (ACE graduates may only submit 1 ACE reference out of the 3) to Jeff Bousson ( with “AmeriCorps Professional Development Internship – CJB Referred” in the subject heading of your email.

Positions available until filled!

Applicants MUST follow all application instructions in order to be considered for this opportunity.

Check out our website and Facebook page for more photos and feedback!

Contact Information:

Jeff Bousson
Outreach Coordinator
928 814 3071

Job URL:

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