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Aug 30 / BARD CEP

Mammal Monitoring Volunteers- Ecuador

Organization: Andean Bear Foundation Conservation Project

Position Title: Mammal Monitoring Volunteers

Location: Ecuador (Imbabura Province)

Hours and Compensation: Temporary Full Time Voluntary & Interns

Application Deadline: September 1, 2013


Organization Overview

Volunteers required to assist with field data collection on a mammal monitoring project in the cloud forest and mountains of Ecuador, home to the spectacled bear, Tremarctus ornatus, also known as the Andean bear, and Tapirus pinchaque, the mountain tapir.  Both are considered Endangered Species in Ecuador by the IUCN Red List.


In addition to checking camera traps and analyzing the photos and videos from them, volunteers may also be involved in collecting hair samples for genetic analysis.  The genetic diversity of the bears is believed to be worryingly low.  Volunteers also search the forest for bear paths and tapir tunnels and check for footprints, scat and half-eaten plants, for more clues about the mammals.


Volunteers must be fit and able to walk at altitude (3,000 to 4,000m.a.s.l.) in sometimes adverse weather conditions in the beautiful Andes Mountains.  You need patience, enthusiasm and the flexibility to cope with changing plans.


This is an ideal opportunity for environmental studies or biology students / graduates to gain practical field experience in the tropics tracking these endangered mammals.  Helping on this internationally-respected project will provide valuable data collection experience for those wanting a career in wildlife research and conservation biology.

How to Apply

For more information, download an information pack from   Please quote reference SDMamAug13 when you apply.

Job Listing:–andean-bears-ecuador.46391.htm

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