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Dec 5 / BARD CEP

Climate Action Liaison Development Program – South Boston, MA

Organization: Climate Action Liaison Coalition

Position Title: Climate Action Liaison Development Program

Location: South Boston

Hours and Compensation: unknown

Application Deadline: start date January 6, 2014


Organization Overview

CALC Values & Theory of change
As we progress into the 21st century, it is hard to ignore the stark view of the future due to climate change. As global carbon emissions grow, rising sea levels, debilitating super storms and extreme heat waves are becoming the norm.
To address this problem we will need a new generation of leaders. Climate change is an urgent problem. This new generation of leaders will have to be passionate, nimble, and prepared to work in a fast moving ever-connected world.
Businesses, including small businesses, have a unique advantage to influence the outcome by virtue of having a broader sphere of influence and access to greater financial resources than most individuals. By acting as community leaders we can harness this potential to create effective solutions. By bringing the voice of business to the world of advocacy, we will be able to reach our goal of enacting meaningful climate legislation, possibly in time to stem the worst effects of climate change.

What is the Coalition Action Liaison Coalition?
The Climate Action Liaison Coalition (CALC) is a program designed for environmentally concerned business owners. It helps them to take direct, targeted action to mitigate the climate crisis by asking them to hire a Climate Action Liaison (CAL) from our network. The CAL works within the company to help the business identify the risks and benefits associate with the climate crisis. Our Liaisons support the business in bold internal sustainability projects, develop a clear understanding of the political landscape, and connects the business to a network of like-minded leaders with the similar mission of addressing the climate crisis.


As a CALC employee you will be at both the fore-front and behind-the-scenes of a program designed to help private sector leaders develop community based solutions to the climate crisis. CALs are expected to help with a lot of different things. You will be depended upon to assist in administrative tasks however there is huge potential for growth as we are a small team. A CAL is also responsible for maintaining CALC prospects by facilitating communication between the member businesses and the organization. A volunteer also assists with business recruiting and outreach. You will also help organize and promote events and discussions. In addition to these events you will also help prep for and attend policy meetings and some of our events. You will also contribute to our social media presence and assist with website communication. Volunteers also have the opportunity to participate in municipal, state, and federal policy activities.
As things develop we will expand into other areas where we will require extra hands.

What’s In it for you?
Depending on what you are looking for we can help you with many things. If your goal is to eventually become a CAL we can provide you with the training and the mentorship to work effectively with businesses in the field.
With a wide network of local businesses and organizations we are constantly talking with and meeting new people. If you are interested in networking with businesses and activists, we can provide many contacts and resources.
As a CAL who has been working with us for a while we can provide the direct experience and references for future employment. and professional train And of course you can get a sense that you are helping your neighbors, your city, and your environment by actively joining the climate change conversation.

  • Professional training on climate activism and policy work
  • Direct experience and references for future employment
  • Network With leaders in government, the private sector, and climate policy advocates


How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to

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