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Feb 11 / BARD CEP

Policy Analyst-Denver, CO.

Organization: FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities

Position Title: Policy Analyst

Location: Denver, CO.

Hours & Compensation: Full time.

Application Deadline: February 25, 2014 


Job Description:

A progressive leader with at least two years of relevant work experience in the labor movement, non-profit or public sector, or comparable experience. Passionate, enthusiastic and visionary. This person serves as representative for FRESC. and in-house expert and adviser. This person also leads priority research projects for FRESC in collaboration with other staff including organizing, research and communications staff.

This position is included in the collective bargaining agreement. Reports to member of the Director team.


  • Policy
    • Work with Director Team to plan and execute policy research, determine policy positions and create publications within overall campaign strategies.
    • Analyze public policy, city ordinances, and state bills for FRESC initiatives.
    • Prepare written reports, analyses, briefings, media communications and memorandum for FRESC staff, leadership, and partner organizations.
    • Work in inter-disciplinary teams with FRESC staff and outside organizers, organizational leaders, attorneys and other advocates to plan and advance policy change initiatives.
    • Produce well-written and persuasive materials and media communications.
    • Monitor and/or participate in appropriate governmental and public meetings and processes consistent with FRESC campaigns, including lobbying, testifying before committee, etc.
    • Track and evaluate progress and effectiveness of relevant research and campaign goals.
    • Identify new target policies and practices for potential campaigns.
  • External Relationships/ Communications
    • Plan, organize, facilitate and debrief project related meetings.
    • Engage in non-litigation advocacy, such as public speaking and education, working with community organizations, meeting with public officials,
    • Develop and cultivate relationships to increase allies’ organizational capacity and campaign participation.
    • Communicate and build relationships with partner organizations, including labor unions, progressive community organizations, social service organizations, environmental groups, academics, think-tanks, religious institutions and others to advance FRESC campaigns.
    • Identify new partners, consistent with FRESC’s existing and future work.
  • Other responsibilities
    • Support FRESC’s fundraising activities.
    • Supervise interns when appropriate.

Perform other duties as assigned

How to apply:

Email your cover letter, resume, and small writing sample to Samaria Crews


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