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Mar 26 / BARD CEP

Preservation Collection Curator-Decorah, IA

Organization: Seed Savers Exchange

Position Title: Preservation Collection Curator

Location: Decorah, IA

Hours and Compensation: Starting salary: $37,440-$39,520
Position salary cap: $45,760

Application Deadline: April 11, 2014



Job Title: Collection Curator
Department: Preservation
Reports to: Seed Bank Manager
FLSA status: exempt regular full-time
Revised: March 2014
Starting salary: $37,440-$39,520
Position salary cap: $45,760

Summary: The Collection Curator is the advocate for the Preservation Collection of seeds and vegetative plant materials. The Collection Curator oversees acquisitions, collection assessment (evaluation and historic documentation), and data management in accordance with the Accessions Policy and scientific standards for genetic resource conservation, as well as working with the Field Manager to prioritize growouts and optimize regeneration standards. The Collection Curator also serves as part of the Preservation Department’s management team, which guides the policies and practices of the department.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Manage the Evaluation and Collection Origins Research Effort programs including reviewing progress, developing protocols, and reporting in order to ensure that departmental and organizational standards are being maintained.
2. Assess the value and priority of new donations and current accessions based on Accessions Policy priorities.
3. Develop collection maintenance goals, plans, and strategies in accordance with the Accessions Policy.
4. Prioritize accessions for regeneration and evaluation growouts in collaboration with the Field Manager.
5. Collaborate with Field Manager to evaluate and, if necessary, improve regeneration practices.
6. Assist with the development of strategic partnerships that advance Preservation programs and reinforce the organizations mission, goals, and reputation.
7. Serve as a public figure for the Preservation program by writing (emails, blogs, Heritage Farm Companion articles, Facebook posts) and speaking (Conference and Campout presentations, workshops, guest lectures, tours, interviews, phone calls) with diverse audiences in a friendly, professional, and factual manner.
8. Recommend Collection varieties for inclusion in the commercial catalogue’s “From the Preservation Collection” limited editions.
9. Ensure data fidelity by creating and maintaining accurate records in a complex Access database.
10. Assist Public Programs, Marketing, and Commercial staff with the development of educational and promotional materials.
11. Develop and implement program budgets with oversight from the Seed Bank Manager.
12. Hire and train new staff.

Essential skills
• Exceptional written/verbal communication and team building/human resource management skills.
• Proficiency with Office Suite and the ability to work in a complex Access database.
• Ability to effectively complete projects with multiple competing deadlines in a timely manner.
• Ability to work effectively as part of a team and individually.

Preferred Qualifications: A Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, Horticulture, Museum Studies, or a related field, and three years of relevant experience. Proven effectiveness applying international standards for genetic resource preservation in the field of plant collection management. A proven ability to manage a complex Access database (building objects, managing data, debugging, coding events) is also highly sought.

Application deadline: April 11, 2014
Email letter of application, resume, and contact information for three references to the email address provided in the link.

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