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Apr 22 / BARD CEP

Students attachment, internship, practicum , experience-Kenya

Organization: United Global Volunteers International

Position Title: Students attachment, internship, practicum , experience

Location: Kenya

Hours and Compensation: 20 hours/week. Unpaid.

Application Deadline: Not listed.


Internship Description:

United Global Volunteers International Is a registered (218/051/2010/0632/6872) non political, non religious Non Governmental international networking volunteer Organization (NGO) comprised of individuals from all facets of Career industry . We understand that few of us make it without the help and support of a team of other people (a “network”). Our purpose is to create the opportunity for people to make key contacts and develop solid industry relationships while exchanging vital resources & providing support for community & career growth through volunteerism, interns, practicum, gap, research and Humanitarian participatory programs.


Volunteers are special people who donate part of their time, energy, & resources to share with them that are unprivileged among us. Call US developers, sponsors, feeders, social workers, volunteers, campaigners, crusaders; supporters, WE ARE brought together by one sole aim— to Empower Communities, groups and individuals enabling them to make life better by providing support for community & individual career growth. From time, resources, sharing, sponsoring—ETC, all of us can give little to make life better for others.


To unite the globe into a world free of disease, poverty and suffering


Uniting global time, energy and resources towards promotion of Human rights and Good governance, Conservation, and Mitigation of HIV/AIDs & disease, in order create outstanding generation with potential to face life challenges.


Empowering communities

Our scope

To positively impact people, communities, destinations and economies, & to alleviate its negative effects and sufferings


  1. Human Rights, good governance & responsible leadership
  2. Environmental conservation
  3. Mitigation of Hiv/Aids and disease

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Promptness
  •  Fairness
  •  Truthfulness &
  •  Non-compromising

Volunteering in Africa

Africa is one of the most stunning natural and cultural wonders. From tropical beaches to spectacular scenery & unparalleled beauty, you can meet the traditional Maasai on their ancestral lands, spot the incredible wildlife, admire the stunning valley, and explore beautiful villages and cultures, highly organized and respected, offering benefits beyond just professional development.

Why Africa

Africa is a continent with plenty of RESOURCES. Yet people in Africa are characterized and battered by endemic hunger, genocides, wars, corruption, massive underdevelopment and all sorts of untold sufferings. Judging this beautiful continent from its natural resources, one would expect to see people cruising in an age of high mass consumption. Instead, Africa is full of people still struggling with their take-off process. The unconstructive and sometimes unrealistic plans are coupled with the political decisions made by African leaders to cover the interests of western multinational corporations, which has kept Africans in desperate poverty. IT’S TIME TO REACH OUT TO AFRICA AND BREAK THE POVERTY CYCLE THROUGH PARTICIPATORY PROCESS-VOLUNTEERISM

GAP programs

This is the heart of your internship in the areas of education, medical/health care, women’s and children’s issues and rural development – to offer meaningful internships for eager, industrious individuals only.

Intervarsity forums

These opportunities are organized to challenge the college/university students towards creativity, innovation and job creation. It’s a networking forum to exchange ideas and re-think our current policies within African Nations in aid to create effective leaders for tomorrow generation

Volunteer Free Time (optional)

Over the years, international interns have expressed desire to use their free time to tour around countries they are posted for their internship or volunteer program. Interns have free time during the evening and weekends.Who can volunteer?

Everyone is welcome to partner / volunteer in our projects. While you are here, we hope you feel you are among friends. Our staff is at your disposal to assist you in any way possible. We partner with schools, NGOs, CBOs, Health centers, Orphanages, Wildlife, human rights activists, and we support vision 2030 and millennium development goals. We protect rights of volunteers and serve their well being while in our service. It’s our duty to place our clients to the field of their choice. You do not need a college degree or ability to make your verb and adverb agree, all you need is a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love

How to apply:



P. O. Box 60006 Nairobi, Kenya

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