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Nov 17 / BARD CEP

Summer Program/Global Internship Base- Gansu Province and Beijing, China

Organization: School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University

Job Title: Global Internship Bade

Location: Gansu Province and Beijing China

Position Dates: July 2-July 27


Organization Overview:

In 2010, Beijing Normal University(BNU)  launched the Global Internship Base (GIB), an annual summer program offering international students unique opportunities of conducting development-related academic research or practical work.  The program is operated by the School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP), a top policy school in China with strong teaching and research capacity in the field of social policy and social development.  Through years of working with diverse research partners, SSDPP has maintained an extensive network in China’s development field, which had been a great learning asset for the students of SSDPP.  Through GIB, SSDPP would like to extend the resource network to international students who are interested in international development and the Chinese experience.  It is our hope that GIB will help deepen the understanding of China’s development by international students through research, practice and exchange with experts and other students in the field.



The four-week program in 2010 is a combination of classroom learning and field research.  The objective is to gather international and Chinese students to conduct group research and share learning experience.  It starts with a week-long curriculum including 14 hours of coursework on the various fields of social development of China and four field visits to social service agencies in Beijing and Gansu Province.  After hearing lecture and completing required readings on the current academic and policy debates, students are expected to design an research plan under the direction of academic advisers to study a development topic through field research in rural communities of China.

Field research is coordinated by SSDPP and its local partner, Tianshui Normal College (TNC).  About 20 TNC students will join the international group to do joint community research projects.  The entire student body will break into 3-5 teams and each team will conduct research in a rural community in Tianshui for about two weeks.  At the end of field research, each team is required to draft a research report, present it to other teams, and discuss with program participants and professors.  Each team will be assigned an academic adviser from SSDPP to TNC to advice on field research and report writing.


10-15 international students are to be accepted in the 2012 program.  Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens currently registered in or affiliated with a foreign or Chinese university, preferably in a development-related major and with good command of English.  Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply.

Applicants are expected to be fluent in English and have conversational Chinese skills.  While doing research, GIB students will mingle with bilingual Chinese college students who will help facilitate communications with local residents.

How to Apply:

Applicants should apply online and follow the instructions at

Documents to be uploaded to the online application system include” Application Form, Resume, Personal Statement (explaining why you are interested in the programs, what you expect from the program, what knowledge or experience you could bring to the program, etc.), Two academic references, Writing sample (preferably a research plan on an issue to be studied in the field), Copy of photo page of your valid personal passport, Proof of purchase of health and accident insurance

Application Fee:RMB 350(pay online)


Contact Information:


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