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Dec 2 / BARD CEP

MS/PhD Opportinties- Norfolk, VA

Job Title: MS/PhD Opportunities. Graduate Position

Location: Norfolk, VA

Application deadline: Feb 1

Apply: on the Website


I have recently moved to Old Dominion from Cornell University and am starting up my lab and graduate student program. I have funding to cover both tuition (tuition waiver) and a teaching assistantship ($15,000 / year) for qualified candidates. Students with other fellowships or other types of funding are also encouraged to apply and will be considered separately.

Please visit my web site to learn more about my research program:

I tend to wear a number of hats and am interested in having a student work in one of the following areas:

behavioral ecology, animal behavior, community ecology, conservation biology, quantitative ecology, or ecological modeling.

Although most of my work has involved birds or mammals, I am happy to have students work on other taxa. Whether students want to be involved in my current work with cooperatively breeding acorn woodpeckers or their own system is fine by me.

If you are interested in working in my lab, please visit the “joining us” portion of my web site and follow the directions therein. Candidates should be highly motivated, have an undergraduate GPA>3.5, a GRE (v+q)>1300 on old test or >316 on the revised test, and strong quantitative skills. Please contact me in advance of applying so we can discuss the positions.

All applicants (domestic or international) are required to have taken the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) before applying.

Application deadline: 01 Feb 2012
Contact email:

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