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Jan 24 / BARD CEP

US Embassy Policy Specialist Fellowship

Organization: IREX, US Embassy Policy Specialty

Application Deadline: March 14th, 2012

Amount and Duration: depends on location


The U.S. Embassy Policy Specialist Program provides funding for U.S. scholars and professionals to travel to Eurasia and serve U.S. Embassies or USAID Missions as policy specialists on a research topic proposed by the Embassy/Mission.  Researchers are able to directly contribute to the formation of U.S. public policy by conducting research on topics vital to the policy-making community, as well as increase their understanding of current regional issues and develop and sustain international networks. The fellowship provisions include: logistical support, international airfare, visa support, in-country housing and workspace, a living expenses stipend and emergency evacuation insurance.

Funding Opportunity Description:

For 2012-13, applicants may apply for placements in the following countries and fields. Detailed information on each of the topic areas can be found in the application instructions on the IREX website.
USAID Mission, Yerevan: Media; Politics; Think Tanks; Migration
U.S. Embassy/USAID Mission, Baku: Youth/Civil Society
U.S. Embassy, Baku: Economics/Banking Sector; Agriculture; Economics/Tax Code
U.S. Embassy, Tbilisi: Media; Public Administration; Public-Private Partnerships
U.S. Embassy, Astana: Economics; Religion
Kyrgyz Republic
USAID Mission, Bishkek: Public Health/Business; Governance; Migration
USAID Mission, Moscow: Islam/North Caucasus Conflict Mitigation; Gender/North Caucasus Conflict Mitigation; Youth/North Caucasus Conflict Mitigation
U.S. Embassy, Moscow: International Trade; Economic Growth
U.S. Embassy, Dushanbe: Education/Religion; Education/Governance; Youth; Agriculture
U.S. Embassy, Ashgabat: Islam; Rural Life; Clan Structures
USAID Mission, Kyiv: Health Reform; Anti-Corruption; Energy
U.S. Embassy, Kyiv: Law Enforcement; Property Rights; Public Health



More Information

*Technical Eligibility Requirements: Scholars and professionals who hold advanced degrees (PhD, MA, MS, MFA, MBA, MPA, MLIS, MPH, JD, MD) and are US citizens are eligible to apply for the this program.
*Deadline:  5 p.m. EST on March 14, 2012
*Contact: By email at or by telephone at 202-628-8188

Website URL:


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