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  Wednesday, September 8, 2010
The National Climate Seminar with Bill McKibben
12:00 pm
Bill McKibben launched the fall series of The National Climate Seminar today at noon. He talked about 350.0rg’s 10/10/10 work parties (more than 1600 already signed on in 35 countries), his most recent book, EAARTH, and his local solutions vision for life on a hotter planet. Listen to the call online and download the podcast here.

In two weeks, David Orr will be on the call, as we continue to focus on local/national connections. David has been a global leader in pioneering on-the-ground solutions models—and he is doing so again on an urban scale in Ohio. How does this work link up with national policy?

Later in the semester: Michael Mann, Juliet Schor, Bill Snape and Bryan Walsh. Assign the half-hour calls to your students, for a chance to hear top scientists, analysts and political leaders discuss climate and clean energy solutions. If you have questions for Bill, send them to us at Simply dial in on the day the call at noon eastern, to join the call. Call-In: 712-432-3100, Conference Code: 253385.

The National Climate Seminar is sponsored by The Bard Center for Environmental Policy, and made possible by a grant from The Clif Bar Family Foundation.

Sponsored by: Bard Center for Environmental Policy
  Wednesday, May 5, 2010
National Climate Seminar
Elysa Hammond, Clif Bar
3:00 pm
The Bard Center for Environmental Policy (Bard CEP) is leading the National Climate Seminar, a national phone conversation featuring top climate scientists, political leaders, and policy analysts. The half-hour seminars are held Wednesday afternoons via conference call at 3 p.m. EST. Questions for the presenters can be emailed to prior to the seminar, and all conversations will be available following the seminar on the CEP website and in podcast. To dial in to the NCS, call 1-712-432-3100, conference code 253385. 
Sponsored by: Bard Center for Environmental Policy

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  Wednesday, March 17, 2010
National Climate Seminar
Anywhere, just call in!  3:00 pm
This Wednesday at 3 PM Eastern, The National Climate Seminar is pleased to welcome Mike Tidwell, Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, who will be discussing the CLEAR legislation introduced by Senators Cantwell and Collins. Join us for a half an hour of important conversation. 

Call in number is 712-432-3100; conference code, 253385. Send advance questions for Tidwell to

CLEAR is the “cap-and-dividend”  bill that returns most of the CO2 auction revenues directly to the public.  Mike will talk about how the Bill would work, and the political strategy for getting 60 votes in the Senate.

After Tidwell’s talk, stay on the line to learn about our our upcoming Let’s Talk Conference Calls with US Senate Offices. Please alert any teachers and students you know in NORTH CAROLINA, FLORIDA, IOWA and MAINE about and have them get their classes on these calls.  Live in a state not listed? Send us an e-mail at, and help us organize a call-in your state.


NORTH CAROLINA:  Friday, March 19th, 12 noon

FLORIDA:  Thursday, March 25th, 4 pm

IOWA: Tuesday, March 30th, 1pm

MAINE: Tuesday, April 13th, 1pm
We need your help in the other states in volunteering to convene a call, or just in getting the word out. Our staff will do all the logistical work—contacting Senate staff to set up the calls, soliciting the questions and managing the call. To learn more, give me a call at 845-758-7067 or e-mail us at

These are not lobbying calls, but rather educational dialogues.  Students need to understand the positions held by their representatives. And senators need to know that thousands of young people in their states are looking to them to act with moral responsibility to all life on earth.

Thanks for the work you are doing.

Sponsored by: Bard Center for Environmental Policy