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  Wednesday, December 7, 2011
National Climate Seminar: Mark Hertsgaard, Author and Journalist, on his new book, "Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth"
12:00 pm
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For twenty years, Mark Hertsgaard has investigated global warming for outlets including the New Yorker, NPR, Time, Vanity Fair, and the Nation. But the full truth did not hit home until he became a father and, soon thereafter, learned that climate change had already arrived―a century earlier than forecast―with impacts bound to worsen for decades to come. Hertsgaard’s daughter Chiara, now five years old, is part of what he has dubbed “Generation Hot”–the two billion young people worldwide who will spend the rest of their lives coping with mounting climate disruption.

HOT is a father’s cry against climate change, but most of the book focuses on solutions, offering a deeply reported blueprint for how all of us―as parents, communities, companies and countries―can navigate this unavoidable new era. Combining reporting from across the nation and around the world with personal reflections on his daughter’s future, Hertsgaard provides “pictures” of what is expected over the next fifty years: Chicago’s climate transformed to resemble Houston’s; dwindling water supplies and crop yields at home and abroad; the redesign of New York and other cities against mega-storms and sea-level rise. Above all, he shows who is taking wise, creative precautions. For in the end, HOT is a book about how we’ll survive.

MARK HERTSGAARD, called “one of America’s finest reporters” by Barbara Ehrenreich, is the author of five previous books that have been translated into sixteen languages, including On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency and Earth Odyssey: Around the World In Search of Our Environmental Future.

Read some of Mark's work: Bloomberg Goes 'Beyond Coal'; Activists Step Up Protests Against Tar Sands


National Climate SeminarListen in real time to climate and clean energy specialists talk about the latest science, policy, law, and economics of climate change. Assign these half-hour calls to your students for a chance to hear top scientists, analysts and political leaders discuss climate and clean energy solutions.

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Sponsored by: Bard Center for Environmental Policy
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
National Climate Seminar: Seb Henbest on Politics Down Under
2:00 pm
The National Climate Seminar hosts journalist Seb Hedbest, who will be discussing Australian carbon taxes. Recently, coal-dependent Australia became the second major economy outside of Europe to put a price on carbon. Hedbest will take us through the politics of this accomplishment.

The National Climate Seminar is a twice monthly national conference call with top climate scientists, policy-makers, analysts and communications experts. Join us at noon eastern. A great opportunity to engage your students in real-time dialog about climate solutions; you can use the calls as the basis for a brownbag, or assign them as homework. All calls are recorded and available as podcasts. For more information, contact us at

Sponsored by The Bard Center for Environmental Policy and the Earth Institute.

9/7    Mike Tidwell, Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network
        The Tea Party and Climate Strategy    
9/21   Dave Roberts, Editor, Grist
        Global Warming, Politics and the Media  
10/5   Hunter Lovins, President, Natural Capitalism Solutions
        Climate Capitalism     
10/19  Sharon Nunes, VP, Big Green Innovations, IBM
        Smarter Planet? IBM's Climate Solutions 
11/2   Richard Alley*, Penn State University
        The Carbon Control Knob     
11/16  Seb Henbest, Bloomberg       
        Politics Down Under: Does Catastrophe Drive Change?    
12/7   Mark Hertsgaard, Author and Journalist
        Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth      

Sponsored by: Bard Center for Environmental Policy
Contact: Eban Goodstein
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
The National Climate Seminar with Eban Goodstein
12:00 pm
Dr. Eban Goodstein, Director of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, will lead off the Spring 2011 National Climate Seminar speaker series this Wednesday, January 19th at 12pm EST.
"Last year was a bad year for the future of humans and other creatures of the earth. The US failed to act on climate, and the victory of dozens of Tea Party Republicans in November eliminated any prospect for serious action for at least the next three years.

So what’s the plan? How can we build a powerful clean energy majority in Washington, a stronger majority than the one that didn’t get the job done in 2010? Is it time for the American Clean Energy Party?
Join the call to hear Director Goodstein speak about what's next for the national climate movement by dialing in at 12:00pm EST on Jan. 19th. Call-in number: 1-712-432-3100; Conference Code: 253385.

Sponsored by: Bard Center for Environmental Policy
Contact: Bard CEP