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Bard CEP students pay program fees through their tuition. Members of the public pay registration fees, and can select to take courses for credit or for certificate. For questions, please contact us today.

Katie Boyle
Director of Admissions
Bard Center for Environmental Policy
Rose 310

J-Term Course Descriptions

Lake and Reservoir Science and Management: Comparing East Asia and North America.

This intensive two-week course will cover the major issues facing lake scientists and managers globally (e.g., harmful algae blooms, invasive species, climate change) and approaches used to manage water resources, including Bayesian statistics and the adaptive management framework. Lakes and reservoirs from East Asia and North America will be used to illustrate management problems and solutions. While the problems faced by lake managers are similar across the globe, the approaches used to address the problems are strongly influenced by culture; a broad participatory approach is common in North America while a top-down, regulatory approach is more often utilized in Asia. Major course activities will include a field trip the NYC reservoirs in the Catskills with lectures from DEP employees responsible for various aspects of reservoir management, discussion of the use of science in environmental standard setting, and in-class exercises to gain experience working with data and crafting and evaluating lake management plans.

Professor: Robyn Smyth
Location/Time: Bard College, 9:00am – 4:00pm. 
Registration Date: by Monday Jan. 5th, 2015

Environmental Health and Hydrofracking

Team taught by taught by hydrofracking experts Nadia Steinzor and Sheila Bushkin, this course will focus on how policy makers understand and respond to the potential health impacts of a rapidly growing industry—horizontal hydrofracking for natural gas. The course will explore the production cycle of fracking, the range of potential heath impacts; tools for quantifying, prioritizing and communicating risk; and existing and emerging policy responses to address this risk. The course will be delivered via a mix of lecture, discussion, guest speakers, field trips and guided student research. Student teams will tackle specific gaps in the policy process with research projects.

Professors:  Nadia Steinzor and Shiela Bushkin
Location/Time: Bard College, 9:00am – 4:00pm.
Registration Date: by Monday Jan. 5th, 2015