Welcome to the Chaplaincy Website

Welcome to the Chaplaincy Website
The Chaplaincy at Bard College engages with many different people throughout our community. In all the Chaplaincy does, the aim is to help people develop a clearer understanding of what they believe, of how they relate to their own faiths and to those of other faiths. We call upon the resources of several religious and philosophical traditions in our work, without asking others to adhere to them.

Contacting the Chaplaincy

For more information contact:
Bard College Chaplaincy
PO Box 5000
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000
Phone: 203-858-8800
E-mail: mwilliams@bard.edu

Meet our Chaplains

The Chaplaincy has on staff three college chaplains: an Episcopal chaplain, a Rabbi, and a Buddhist chaplain. The clergy offer study on a formal and informal basis with members of the college community who are interested in learning more about their own traditions or the faith traditions of others. Each chaplain is available for pastoral care with students, administration, staff, and faculty.