CIE Council Members

The following Bard staff, faculty, and students make up the Council for Inclusive Excellence:

Erin Cannan

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Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Civic Engagement
Deputy Director, Bard Center for Civic Engagement
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Ariana Gonzalez Stokas

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Dean, Inclusive Excellence

Jennifer Triplett

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Director of Academic Advising
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Timand Bates ’02

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Assistant Dean of Students Expand for Timand Bates ’02 Expand

JaQuan Beachem ’17

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Celia Bland

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International Coordinator, Institute for Writing and Thinking
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Eli Dueker

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Assistant Professor in the Environmental and Urban Studies and Biology Programs Expand for Eli Dueker Expand

Julie Duffstein

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Assistant Dean of Students
Director of Student Activities & Campus Center Expand for Julie Duffstein Expand

Manishka Kalupahana

International Student Advisor
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Allison McKim

Assistant Professor of Sociology Expand for Allison McKim Expand

David Nelson

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Visiting Associate Professor of Religion Expand for David Nelson Expand

Annie Seaton

Director of Difference and Media Project
Visiting Assistant Professor of Humanities
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Amy Shein

Disability Support Coordinator

Michelle Murray

Assistant Professor of Political Studies Expand for Michelle Murray Expand

Chris McIntosh

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