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Bold, Sustained Cooperation

  • Bard Launch Microphilanthropy

    Bard Launch Microphilanthropy MORE >>
  • Get Engaged: A Bard/HESP Student Conference

    Get Engaged: A Bard/HESP Student Conference MORE >>
  • MLK Day of Engagement

    MLK Day of Engagement MORE >>
  • Nicaragua Education Initiative

    Nicaragua Education Initiative MORE >>
  • Reimagining Prison Education

    Reimagining Prison Education MORE >>
  • Student-Led Initiatives

    Student-Led Initiatives MORE >>
  • Innovations in Science & Sustainability

    Innovations in Science & Sustainability MORE >>
  • Transforming Secondary Education & Teaching

    Transforming Secondary Education & Teaching MORE >>
Bard Launch Microphilanthropy1 Get Engaged: A Bard/HESP Student Conference2 MLK Day of Engagement3 Nicaragua Education Initiative4 www.geekthelibrary.org5 Reimagining Prison Education6 Student-Led Initiatives7 Innovations in Science & Sustainability8 Transforming Secondary Education & Teaching9
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Bold, Sustained Cooperation

Civic engagement is at the core of Bard's identity. The College undertakes initiatives that reflect our belief in the link between liberal education and democracy, and further Bard’s mission as a private institution acting in the public interest.
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Student-Led Initiatives

The Trustee Leader Scholar Program (TLS) opens doors for Bard undergraduates, overseeing student-inspired civic engagement projects integral to the College's mission.


Students are encouraged to seek internships throughout their time at Bard, through formal programs or by creating their own opportunities.

Local Partnerships

Bard works closely with local partners to provide students with opportunities for work, internships, and civic engagement in the Hudson Valley.

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Student-Led Initiatives
Local Partnerships

International Partnerships

Bard’s partnerships with universities abroad are true joint ventures, based on the principles of mutuality and equality, and committed to expanding the reach of a liberal education.

Reimaging Prison Education

The Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) creates the opportunity for incarcerated men and women to earn a Bard College degree while serving their sentences, operating a network of five satellite campuses across New York State.

Transforming Secondary Education

Bard is a leader in early college and teacher education, with affiliated institutions and programs in Massachusetts, New York City, Newark, New Orleans, California, and the West Bank.

Innovations in Science
and Sustainability

Bard addresses environmental challenges and provides education reform in the sciences. The College offers rigorous, interdisciplinary science training to equip students with the knowledge required of tomorrow's leaders.
International Partnerships
Reimaging Prison Education
Transforming Secondary Education
Innovations in Science <br />and Sustainability