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Internships for the Bard Community

Current local internships

For more information contact Erin Cannan at or check the Center for Civic Engagment's blog and Bard's College Central page

Interested in hosting an intern?

If you would like to host a Local is Global Internship, please post your internship opportunity on Bard's College Central page at: and send a description to Erin Cannan at


Corinna Cape ’15

Corinna Cape ’15

Human Rights and Written Arts joint major Corinna grew up in the small town of Sherman, Texas. She has been active with Bard’s Center for Civic Engagement and the TLS (Trustee Leader Scholar) program, which supports student volunteer efforts.
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Local Is Global Internship Program

What is the Local Is Global Internship Program?
Bard College offers support to connect students to a host of local internship opportunities in Red Hook and throughout the Hudson Valley. Support is given through a database of opportunities, individual advising, and regular contact throughout students' internship experience. Through these internships students are able to experience pre-professional training in supervised settings while continuing to study at the College. Students also receive transcript recognition for their work. Internships not only supplement the academic experience by helping students to put theory into practice but they also help students to develop work skills integral to the post-graduate experience. The Center for Civic Engagement facilitates connections to local organizations, agencies, not-for-profits, schools, businesses, government agencies, and politicians. These relationships enable staff to work closely with students to help them obtain internships in the community that best match their interests and needs.

Where do I find a listing of Local Is Global internships?
The CCE works closely with local partners to create a wide range of opportunities. A partnership list can be found at the Center for Civic Engagement office. Internships are similarly found through the the Center for Civic Engagement's blog and Bard's College Central portal. Students are also encouraged to attend information sessions, and speak to staff at the CCE information booths that are set up in the Campus Center and Kline Commons as advertised each semester. 

How do I apply for a Local Is Global internship?
Applications vary between organizations. If application instructions are not listed, contact the organization for more instructions. While some organizations have a set application process, others are interested in creating internships based on students interested and may not have set due dates or internship programs already in place.

How do I get selected for a Local Is Global internship?
Employers review applications and contact students directly. Students are encouraged to stay in close contact with CCE staff to facilitate connections with potential employers. 

What if I want to connect with a local employer who is not listed as a Local Is Global internship site?
The CCE encourages students to seek connections with employers that best match their needs and, thus, the Local Is Global Internship Program constantly seeks to expand its list of partners. Anyone interested in developing a new connection should talk with CCE staff or e-mail Jananie Ravi (