Collaborative Piano Fellowship



Fellows will be responsible for playing for studio lessons, masterclasses, rehearsals, auditions, and performances for the instrumental and vocal students of The Bard College Conservatory of Music and the Graduate Vocal Arts Program. In this capacity they will play for and be coached by the faculty and guest artists of The Bard College Conservatory of Music.

Weekly Seminar

This piano seminar led by the directors meets weekly and has two main components. The first is to survey the basic collaborative piano repertoire. This includes the duo repertoire, concerto repertoire, and the basic aria and song repertoires with voice. The second main focus of the class is to build the skills necessary to work as a collaborative pianist. This would include playing orchestral reductions, sight reading, score reading, and transposing. The seminar also addresses through group discussion the various challenges, both practical and musical, of being a professional collaborative pianist. In all cases the emphasis in the seminar is on the practical rather than the theoretical, with the aim of both facilitating the work the fellows are doing in the Conservatory, and preparing them for the real world. Guest artists active in the professional world are also brought in occasionally as master teachers.


Fellows may also teach on a limited basis some secondary piano lessons to undergraduate instrumentalists and graduate conductors under the guidance and mentorship of the directors.


Fellows will be evaluated at the end of each year by the fellowship directors. A successful evaluation at the end of the first year is necessary to qualify for the second year of the fellowship.