Fisher Center

Graduate Conducting Program

Tuition and Fees

For the 2014/15 academic year tuition, fees and expenses were as follows:

Tuition:  $38,028 per year.
Health Insurance: $1,402*
Bard Health Services Fee: $470**
Dormitory Housing: $7,084.00***

*This is mandatory for those students who do not already have health insurance. Those students who have an independent insurance plan may submit a waiver. For more information on this process please click here.
** This fee is mandatory for all Bard students.
***For more information about accommodations on and off-campus for graduate students please click here.

For more information about health insurance for students at Bard please click here.

A more detailed information pack will be supplied to incoming students. Please contact health services at 845-748-7077 or via email at healthservice@bard.edu with any questions.
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