Fisher Center

Graduate Conducting Program



Choral Conducting

Throughout the four semesters, instruction in choral conducting is based on significant podium time with a variety of ensembles and choral repertoire. Students work regularly with the Bard Chamber Singers and the Bard Symphonic Chorus. In addition, they have the opportunity to conduct the Concert Chorale of New York, a professional chorus based in New York City. ...MORE >

Orchestral Conducting

The first semester in orchestral conducting is devoted to the physical movement of the baton. Symphonies of Haydn and Beethoven are the primary tool for analyzing problems and formulating technical solutions to meet the needs of the music. Regularly scheduled string quintet (plus piano) sessions are used to test and refine classroom solutions. All students conduct the Bard Conservatory Orchestra in a special session. ...MORE >

Common Curriculum

The Common Curriculum is comprised of courses in music history; ear training, score reading, and composition; foreign language study; studio instruction; career workshops; and recital and graduation review.
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Graduation Requirements

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