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Jonathan Collazo '18

Jonathan Collazo Where are you from?
Orlando, Florida
What are your two majors?
Classical Performance and Non Fiction, Creative Writing
Who is your primary teacher?
Adam Sliwinski
Why did you choose Bard?
So Percussion. In the least corny, non-childlike way they are my super heroes. A lot of children identify and attach to characters like Spiderman or Batman. They are my Spiderman, and that’s why I’m at Bard.
What is it like to work with your teachers?
‘So Percussion’ have such musical insight and in lessons the atmosphere is very loose and relaxed but very focused. It’s like working with a friend. There’s a line of respect; however, the working environment is very relaxed.
What do you think about the facilities?
New. I love that they’re new. The percussion studio space really allows us to be very productive. Plus it’s huge.
What are your other musical activities?
Bard College Orchestra is great. It’s a community orchestra with local players from the area, Bard College and some high schoolers. Everyone there wants to be there and work hard and we play some great literature.
What non Music related activities do you take part in?
Well, time for me is very precious. Free time is either going to the gym, catching up on sleep or actually hanging out with friends.
Exact schedule today?
10:00 Woke up late (finally got to sleep in today) 
11:20 Brunch 
12:00 First year Seminar
2:00 Practiced 
4:00 Dinner 
5:00 Interview 
7:30vOrchestra rehearsal
What advice would you give to potential students?
You really have to be a go getter. The full faculty isn’t here to hold your hand at all times. It’s easy to get caught up with the relaxed atmosphere here at Bard, it’s student community and wanting to be hang out with friends instead of practice. It takes a lot of self-discipline, but that’s part of life, isn’t it?
Last Five songs?
Steve Reich ‘Sextet
Proverb Steve Reich
Gumbel Blue Maria Schneider
--Any top 40?-- NO, the popular music of today is rotting. It’s always been innovative and on the cutting edge. From baroque to rock; it was all new and made you listen. Innovative pop music stopped around 90’s rap with WIll Smith, Queen Latifah, Run DMC; I just listened to the new Kanye West album...there’s minimalism, but that...
Subdivisions by Rush
Magic Flea Count Basie
What surprised you about Bard?
Campus. There’s a natural waterfall directly behind the Bito music building. The nature on campus really surprised me.
What is your relationship between your college major?
Being a writing major and performance major, it’s all about getting what I have in my head and try to get it out on paper or relay it properly to the audience.
Favorite Performance experience?
No question, Shostakovich 10 with the National Youth Orchestra at the BBC Proms in London, England.