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Claire Worsey '18

Claire Worsey

Where are you from?
San Diego, CA
What are your two majors?
French horn and French Studies
Who are your teachers?
Julie Landsman, Barbara Currie, Julie Pilant, Jeff Lang
Why did you choose Bard?
Double degree program, teachers
What is a lesson like with your teacher?
Usually I get a hug first if it's Julie Pilant or Barbara Currie and with all of the teachers lessons are very friendly, but by no means casual. It feels like they really are invested in me and there's nothing negative, so long as I've done my work beforehand. They're really doing their absolute best to make me a better player.
What do you think of Bard's facilities and resources?
The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts is stunning and so is the Bitó Conservatory building.
What other musical endeavors are you involved with here at Bard?
I’m hoping to have time next semester to join SAMBA!
What do you do in your free time?
In the limited free time that I have I like to bake, hike, go to thrift stores with my friends, and go to all of the amazing events on campus.
What advice would you give a prospective Bard student?
Be willing to open yourself up to trying new things and have an open mind to finding new ways to approach music. You'd be surprised how much being invested in the academics here can help you musically. Finally, it's absolutely essential to find ways to treat yourself and take a break. With all of the things we do it's important to be able to step away for a bit and relax.
The last 5 songs you listened to

  • ‘Truth’ by Alexander
  • ‘How to Grow a Woman’ by Chris Thile
  • ‘Places’ by Brad Mehldau
  • Brahms Symphony 1
  • Beethoven Piano Concerto 4

Best advice you've received?
Just wait, it'll come.
Any surprises when you started studying at Bard?
You can just coast if you want but it's a lot more interesting and worthwhile if you really commit yourself.
Most excited about this year?
Hands down the three week Europe tour with the Bard Conservatory Orchestra. I'm so excited!