International Applicants

Application Materials

1) Final Audition: Live or Recorded
International students may send a DVD audition if you are not able to travel to the United States for a live audition. You should use the live audition repertoire requirements for your audition DVD.

Bard Conservatory holds regional prescreening auditions in Europe. Please check our website for exact times and dates. If you are able to attend a regional prescreening audition, please contact our undergraduate admissions counselor.

2) Academic Transcript
Please send an ENGLISH TRANSLATION of your academic transcript. The academic transcript is an official document from your school that lists the courses you have taken and your grades.

3) Information about Scholarships
Applying for Financial Aid as an International Student
To apply for financial aid (scholarships), international students must submit two Financial Aid forms:  

Information about English Language proficiency:

A TOEFL score of 100 (iBT) or 250 (computer based) or equivalent evidence of English language proficiency is expected for admission.

* In certain circumstances international students may be granted Exception Admit status for their first year at Bard, with the understanding that by the start of the second year these students will have achieved the required level of English-language proficiency. For such students, First-Year Seminar may be postponed to year two.

Even for Exception Admit students, it is required that the TOEFL test be taken in the home country and reported to Bard before arrival in the fall. 

The purpose of this is for placement purposes in the ESL course, and to provide a baseline for measuring progress throughout the first year of the student’s study of English.   As part of the application process, each student needs to provide information about the schedule for taking the TOEFL test.

In their first year Exception Admit students' full-time course load of 12 credits will typically consist of
  • Studio Instruction (4 credits)
  • Chamber Music (2 credits)
  • Orchestral Studies (2 credits)
  • English as a Second Language (4 credits)
In order to complete the double-degree program in five years, Exception Admit students will need to carry increasingly full schedules in subsequent years. For some majors, it may not be possible for Exception Admit students to graduate in five years.
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