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Scot Moore '14

Scot Moore Where are you from?
Elgin, IL
What are your two majors?
Violin Performance and American Studies
Who is your teacher?
Daniel Philips
Why did you choose Bard?
Bard seemed like a good place to develop my skills as an academic and musician. The small class sizes and amount of performance opportunities were an attractive aspect.
What is a lesson like with your teacher?
As long as I come prepared they are always inspiring. Danny Phillips has a wealth of knowledge both practically speaking and by way of anecdote. He is a pleasure to work with.
What do you think of Bard's facilities and resources?
The fact that we get to play in such a nice hall as Sosnoff twice a week, as well as having the new Bitó Conservatory building seems like a blessing compared to many other music schools. New things are nice!
What other musical endeavors do you do here at Bard?
I play a lot of contemporary music with an ensemble formed at Bard called Contemporaneous, as well as with student composers here. I have made a point of expanding my musical expertise to dabble in other genres (mostly consisting of Bard and local bands).
What do you do for free time?
Lately I have been paintballing with a friend from Kingston, bowling and (of course) watching netflix with my girlfriend.
Tell me about your schedule today.
Today I got up at 7:10, went to breakfast by 8, read in the library until 12:30, after which I have a rehearsal with my pianist from 1-3, then class from 3:10-4:30. At 5 I will be going to dinner at a friends house in Kingston, after which we will go bowling. Around 9 I'll go home, practice a bit, then watch Bones on TV and be asleep by midnight.
Best advice you've received?
Discovering what you don't want to do is just as valuable as figuring out what you do want to do.
Any surprises when you started studying at Bard?
I would say I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people (as freshman) who were willing to step outside of their comfort zones.
What is your relationship with your major and music major?
For almost three years I was pursuing a degree in Middle Eastern History, but after a while I realized I was deceiving myself into thinking I actually had a passion for that subject matter. I took a semester off and came back to pursue an entirely different academic path in American Studies. I almost immediately moderated into that division and began plans to do my senior project on the American Symphony Orchestra, members of which I am close with (not the least of which is Leon Botstein, the ASO director and the conductor of the Bard Conservatory orchestra). Musically speaking, I have an intense love of my violin and have sought out opportunities to perform with it in capacities that exceed the possibilities of the classical realm. I am not bound by the rigidity of the classical world and that makes me happy.
Favorite performance experience?
This one is really tough. If I separate these experiences into high and low profile appearances it may be easier. While the high profile performances might seem to be the most noteworthy, I am loath to define my musical career by them, as they are not always the most fulfilling. In all honesty I have had better musical experiences playing for inmates of the Eastern and Woodbourne Correctional facilities. The appreciation of those men goes far beyond the sometimes obligatory pat on the back I've gotten from concert goers at other more prestigious venues.
Most excited about this year?
Finishing senior project and moving on to a new chapter in life! To read about how Scot describes a typical week in his life at Bard click here.