• How do I arrange a tour of the Conservatory?
  • Is it possible to take a consultation lesson with one of the VAP voice teachers?
  • Does the Conservatory award merit scholarships and financial aid to VAP students?
  • What are the acceptable media types when I am uploading recordings and documents to my VAP application?
  • Do I need to bring an accompanist to my live audition on campus?
  • When are my prescreening materials (recordings and documents) due?
  • Where and how often are voice lessons taught? Where are the other parts of the VAP curriculum taught?
  • Where do the VAP singers perform?
  • I am an international student. How do I audition? Do you require the TOEFL?
  • When will I hear prescreening results for my VAP application?
  • Is it possible for VAP students to take regular college classes?
  • What do the VAP students do after graduation?