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Graduate Vocal Arts Program Program

Master of Vocal Arts Curriculum

The vocal arts curriculum is divided into three main components: Core Seminars, Private instruction, and Workshops.

Master of Vocal Arts Curriculum

Core Seminar

The program’s innovative curriculum centers on the Core Seminar and is taught by Dawn Upshaw in conjunction with head of program Kayo Iwama.

Core Seminar meets for three hours a week for each of the student's four semesters at Bard. The seminar introduces and ties together the historical and cultural perspective, the analytical tools, and the performance skills that distinguish vocal and operatic performance at the highest level. At the same time, the shifting focus reflected in the various core seminar topics provides for intensive training in fundamental skill areas: working with text, expanding expressive and vocal resources, and career development.

Private Instruction

Course work also includes concentrated weekly private intruction:

Voice lessons
Vocal coaching
Alexander Technique tutorials


Additional course work includes the following classes:

Opera Workshop
Diction and Phonetics Workshop
Acting Workshop
Movement Workshop
Language Translation for Singers Workshop
Chamber Music Workshop
Professional Development Workshop
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