Contested Legacies
  a program and conference

Conference Program

August 13-15, 2002

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

1. The Political in an Anti-Political Age

  • Wolfgang Heuer, Berlin: Hannah Arendt and her Socrates: Heinrich Bluecher
  • Joanna Scott, Eastern Michigan: Arendt and America
  • Roy Tsao, Georgetown: "Arendt after Marx: Labor and Modern Society in The Human Condition"
  • Peter Baehr, Hong Kong: "’Totalitarianism’ as Contestation: Hannah Arendt and the Sociologists"

2. Humanistic Scholarship and Philosophical Education (Humanistische Bildung)

  • Ernst Osterkamp, Berlin: The Legacy of the George Circle
  • Gerhard Lauer, Munich: Erich Kahler
  • Reinhard Mehring, Berlin: "The Philosophical Reception of Thomas Mann in Exile"
  • Jonathan Bordo, Trent: "Walter Benjamin's Critical Topography"

3. Psychoanalysis and Social Theory

  • Neil McLaughlin, McMasters: Collaborative Circles and their Discontents: Fromm, Marcuse and Critical Theory in America"
  • Lawrence J. Friedman, Indiana: Erik Erikson
  • Paul Roazen, Cambridge, MA: "Enemies and Allies"
  • Eli Zaretsky, New School: The Freudians

4. Sociology as a Science of Reality (Wirklichkeitswissenschaft)

  • Peter Breiner. SUNY Albany: "Translating Max Weber: Exile Attempts to Forge a New Political Science"
  • Rheinhard Blomert, Berlin: "Veiled Legacy: Norbert Elias and Max Weber"
  • John Gunnell, SUNY Albany: Leo Strauss Reads Max Weber
  • Lawrence Scaff, Wayne State University: Max Weber and the Social Sciences in America

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

1. Artistic Modernism: Adorno on Gustav Mahler

  • Lydia Goehr, Columbia
  • Michael P. Steinberg, Cornell
  • Daniel Herwitz, Michigan: "Symphonic Physiognomy"
  • Richard Leppert, Minnesota: "Nature, Kitsch, and Exile: Mahler and Adorno on History."

2. Jewishness

  • Mihaly Vajda, Debrecen: Reflections on Emigration
  • Suzanne Vromen, Bard College: Arendt and Jewish Identity
  • Judith Gerson, Rutgers University: "Religious and Secular Meanings of Jewish Identity among German Jewish Immigrants"
  • Jack Jacobs, John Jay College, CUNY:"Anti-Semitism, the Image of the Jew, and the Institute of Social Research"

3. Stories and Histories (Geschichten und Geschichte)

  • James Schmidt, Boston University: "When Arnold met Irving: A Tale from Hollywood"
  • Catherine Epstein, Amherst: "Red Rancor: The Eisler Siblings in America"
  • Edoardo Tortarolo, Piedmont, Italy: "Emigre historians and the question of truth"
  • Mario Kessler, Potsdam: "Return to East Germany: Refugee Historians in the Early DDR"

4. Vocation (Beruf)

  • Matthias Stoffregen, Frankfurt: Exiles as Political Advisors
  • David Kettler, Bard: "The Contested Legacy of Hugo Sinzheimer: Three Lawyers in Exile"
  • Thomas Wheatland, Boston College: "Lazarsfeld, the Horkheimer Circle, and Columbia University"

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Thursday, August 15, 2002

1. Art and Art History

  • Margaret Olin, Chicago: "The Artistic Topography of Exile"
  • Berndt Nikolai, Trier: "The Bauhaus in Exile"
  • Anna Wessely, Budapest: "The Two Emigrations of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy"
  • Janet Wolff, Columbia: "Entartete Kunst in Britain: Refugees, Internees, and Visual Culture"

2. "Culture Wars"

  • Alfons Soellner, Chemnitz: Adorno in the Bundesrepublik: Back to High Culture
  • Nina Raoux, Paris: "War of Succession ? Walter Benjamin, strategist in the literary exiled battlefield"
  • Irving Wohlfarth, Rheims: Strategies of Exile: Benjamin’s Secret Germany
  • Laurent Jeanpierre, Paris: Broken Mimesis: Comparing Adorno, Horkheimer and the Surrealists in exile

3. "Happy End?"

  • Gregory Moynahan, Bard: "Tactics of Exile: Ernst Cassirer and Erwin Panofsky in Old Worlds and New"
  • John McCormick, Yale: Dialectics of Enlightenment
  • Kay Schiller, Durham: "Ernst Cassirer, Paul Oskar Kristeller and the 'Humanistic Turn' in American Emigration"
  • Jerry Zaslove, Simon Fraser: "Siegfried Kracauer: Prophet and Chronicler of Exile or, ‘When you want to travel far your baggage had better be light’"

4. New Contests

  • Christian Fleck, Graz: The Needy and the Dignified: Contemporary, Sociological, and Voguish Evaluations of Refugee Scholars"
  • Peter Ludes, Bremen: "Existential Truths for Multiple Globalizations"

Commentators: Alfons Soellner, David Kettler, Peter Baehr

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Daily Schedule
All Conference Sessions are held in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Bertelsmann Student Center. For panelist-participants, lunch and drinks will be served in the Red Room of the Bertelsmann Student Center, while breakfast and dinner will be served in the Faculty Dining Room of Kline Commons. Reasonably-priced meals are available in Kline Commons to others attending the conference.

Breakfast 7:00–8:15 a.m.
Session 1 8:30–10:20 a.m.


Session 2 10:40 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Session 3 1:40–3:20 p.m.


Session 4 3:40–5:30 p.m.
Drinks 5:45–6:45 p.m.
Dinner 7:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, Norman Manea will lead an informal after-dinner discussion on "The Language of Exile." Author of On Clowns and Compulsory Happiness and McArthur Fellow, Manea is a Romanian émigré and concentration camp survivor who is now the Francis Flournoy Professor in European Studies and Culture and Writer in Residence at Bard. He left Romania in 1986 after facing thirty years of artistic repression and censorship in one of the former Soviet Bloc's most tyrannical countries.

On Wednesday evening at 8:00, participants are invited to join a trip to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum and Library in nearby Hyde Park, where curators will provide a guided tour and an introduction to the archives.

Financial Supporters
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
The Max Kade Foundation, Inc.
The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Inc.
Open Society Institute

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