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Center for Student Life & Advising
Sottery Hall
Bard College, PO Box 5000
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000
Phone: 845-758-7454

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CSLA Staff

Dorothy Albertini '02

Academic Advising Associate

Sottery Hall 107
Phone: 845-758-7436

Dorothy Albertini offers additional advising for students who are unsure about their program of study, want help with course selection, have questions about how to improve their academic skills and time-management strategies, or who need assistance with writing. She also teaches the Essay and Revision course in the Bard Learning Commons.

Timand Bates '02

Assistant Dean of Students

Sottery Hall 106
: 845-758-7454

Timand provides personal and academic support to students navigating the unique challenges of the sophomore year including moderation.  He works alongside the academic adviser to assist students throughout the process of finding and connecting with their academic homes and programs of study.  With Timand, students have the opportunity to review their transcripts in preparation for moderation, connect with academic programs and faculty they may not have been exposed to in their first year, and think about the various options the College provides.  

Kevin Dean

Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the First-Year Experience

Sottery Hall 108
: 845-758-7454​

Kevin Dean provides personal support to students and helps them navigate the first-year experience at Bard. From the Language and Thinking program immediately as students arrive on campus, through the Citizen Science program in January, and to the close of the first year, Kevin is available to help students integrate personally and intellectually into the climate of Bard and together to shape a welcoming, thoughtful learning community. In order to facilitate the best possible first-year experience for students, Kevin works with and can help connect students with campus partners such as Advising, Chaplaincy, Counseling and Health Services, the Learning Commons, and student-led groups. Kevin is a soccer fan, music enthusiast (especially jazz), book lover, and is passionate about education.

Manishka Kalupahana

International Student Advisor

Sottery Hall 104
: 845-758 7328

Manishka Kalupahana assists students leaving or entering the United States, arranges transportation to and from airports, and is responsible for processing all F-1 Visas. Manishka is available to meet and discuss financial and cultural concerns as well as academic and social expectations. Students can meet with her to better understand the U.S. education system and Bard College specifically. Manishka is also interested in helping to facilitate student-hosted, multicultural events on campus. Please feel free to check in and find out about organized trips to local attractions and ways to connect with local area families to experience American culture beyond campus.

Bethany Nohlgren

Dean of Students

Sottery Hall 105

Bethany Nohlgren oversees the Dean of Student Affairs Office, including the First Year and Sophomore Deans, the Dean of Campus Life, and the Wellness Coordinator. She works to ensure that students have information about and access to the vast resources available at the College. Working mostly with juniors and seniors to help problem-solve concerns in their academic and social lives, she's available to any student for counsel or support. Entering her 11th year at Bard, she still loves working with students to help them articulate and realize their potential. She's also very crafty and tells good Bard ghost stories.

David Shein

Dean of Studies

Sottery Hall 110
Phone: 845-758-7454

David Shein is the College's dean for student academic affairs. He supports students in their academic work and in designing their courses of study, supports faculty in academic advising and the exercise of academic policies, and works especially closely with seniors who are struggling with the demands of the final year of study. Meet with him if you are seeking to earn credit for an independent study, requesting permission to study abroad or to study at another institution during the fall or spring term, interested in declaring a joint major or a major in multidisciplinary studies, requesting transcript recognition for an internship, or seeking an exemption from the curricular requirements of the College. Dean Shein also chairs the College's Scholarships and Fellowships Committee. He recruits and works with students who are interested in applying for nationally and internationally competitive undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities, such as the Watson Fellowship, the Luce Scholarship, and the Rhodes, Mitchell, and Marshall scholarships.

Jennifer Triplett

Director of Academic Advising

Sottery Hall 109
Phone: 845-758-7365

Jennifer Triplett coordinates and supports the faculty academic advising system and maintains the online guide to the undergraduate curriculum. She meets regularly with students who are uncertain about their academic focus or require assistance changing their advisers. She works especially closely with juniors and with students returning from time away from the College in order to help them make a smooth transition back to the College.

Carol Werner

Office Manager

Sottery Hall 102
: 845-758-7454

Carol Werner has been at Bard College since 1998, and brings many years of knowledge about Bard and the Center for Student Life & Advising to her work.  She manages the student support staff in the office, is in charge of updating the student handbook, office websites, and email listservs.  She manages the departmental budgets and student files, including those taking a leave of absence.  Carol also organizes the Senior Dinner and manages the Junior Marshals at Commencement.  You can contact her office if you would like to set up an appointment with one of the deans or advising staff, or just have a question in general.