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Laurie Nash 
Executive Assistant to the Dean
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Rachel Price
Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 845.758.7421

Location: Ludlow & Willink, 
2nd floor
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Testimony Letters Due

for Senior Faculty and Regular Renewals

by Wednesday, February 15
If you would like to submit a letter to the evaluation file of a faculty member listed below who is scheduled to be evaluated this semester, it should be signed and sent to the Dean of the College, Ludlow 203, or by e-mail to 

Senior Evaluations
long-term faculty are evaluated at regular intervals 
Roger Berkowitz, SST/Political Studies
Kenneth Buhler, ARTS/Studio Arts 
Nicole Caso, L&L/Spanish Studies
Laurie Dahlberg, Arts/Art History
R. Cole Heinowitz, L&L/Literature 
Medrie MacPhee, Arts/Studio Arts
Chiori Miyagawa, Arts/Theater and Performance
Bradford Morrow, L&L/Written Arts
Joseph O'Neill, L&L/Written Arts
Lothar Osterburg, Arts/Studio Arts
Frank Scalzo, SMC/Psychology
Maria Simpson, Arts/Dance

Regular Renewals
Jeffrey Gibson, Arts/Studio Arts
Christopher McIntosh, SST/Political Studies
Erika Switzer, Arts/Music

Senior evaluation testimony is reviewed by the director of the program, the divisional chair, the dean of the college, and the president.  
Regular renewal testimony is read by the divisional evaluators, the division chair, the College Evaluation Committee (CEC), the dean of the college, and the president.