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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bard College's 157th Commencement

Bard College will hold its one hundred fifty-seventh commencement on Saturday, May 27, 2017. At the commencement ceremony, Bard President Leon Botstein will confer 435 undergraduate degrees on the Class of 2017 and 141 graduate degrees, including master of fine arts; doctor and master of philosophy and master of arts in decorative arts, design history, and material culture; master of science in economic theory and policy; master of business administration in sustainability; master of arts in teaching; master of arts in curatorial studies; master of science in environmental policy and in climate science and policy; and master of music in vocal arts and in conducting. The program, which begins at 2:30 p.m. in the commencement tent on the Seth Goldfine Memorial Rugby Field, will include the presentation of honorary doctoral degrees.
Monday, June 5, 2017

Final Grades and Criteria Sheets Due in the Office of the Registrar

Friday, August 11, 2017

Arrival Day, Check-in, and Financial Clearance for All First-Year Students

Monday, August 14, 2017 – Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Language and Thinking Program

Spring 2017

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Division Program  Director Faculty Administrative Support
Chair: Maria Simpson
Art History Julia Rosenbaum  Jeanette McDonald, x.7158
Dance Maria Simpson Jennifer Lown, x.7970
Film & Electronic Arts Jacqueline Goss Ruthie Turk, x. 7253
Music James Bagwell James Mongan, x.7250
Photography Stephen Shore  Jeanette McDonald, x.7158
Studio Arts Ellen Driscoll  Melody Goodwin, x.7674
Theater Gideon Lester Jennifer Lown, x.7970
Languages and Literature
Chair: Eric Trudel
Foreign Languages, Cultures, & Literatures Melanie Nicholson, Director
Stephanie Kufner, Coordinator
Dxina Mannello, x.7017
Literature Cole Heinowitz  Lory Gray, x.7860
Written Arts Dinaw Mengestu Micaela Morrissette, x.7054
Science, Mathematics, and Computing
Chair: Michael Tibbetts
Biology Brooke Jude Megan Karcher, x.2340
Chemistry Swapan Jain
Computer Science Keith O'Hara
Mathematics John Cullinan
Physics Matthew Deady
Psychology Kristin Lane
Social Studies
Chair: Greg Moynahan
Anthropology Laura Kunreuther Melissa Germano, x.7667
Economics Pavlina Tcherneva   Leslie Clockel, x.7832
Economics & Finance Pavlina Tcherneva
Historical Studies Cecile Kuznitz Melissa Germano, x.7667
Philosophy Daniel Berthold Leslie Clockel, x.7832
Political Studies Omar Encarnación
Religion Bruce Chilton, co-director
Tehseen Thaver, co-director
Sociology Yuval Elmelech Melissa Germano, x.7667
Interdivisional Programs
American Studies Alex Benson
Christian Crouch (LOA F16, Sabb S17)
Leslie Clockel, x.7832
Melissa Germano, x.7667
Asian Studies Robert Culp Dxina Mannello, x.7017
Classical Studies Jamie Romm 
Environmental & Urban Studies Michèle Dominy  Thomas O’Dowd, EUS Executive Administrator, x. 4852
French Studies Marina van Zuylen Dxina Mannello, x.7017
German Studies Thomas Wild
Global & International Studies Jonathan Becker, co-director
Michelle Murray, co-director
Lisa Whalen, x.7816
Human Rights Thomas Keenan  Danielle Riou, x.7127
Italian Studies Franco Baldasso Dxina Mannello, x.7017
Russian & Eurasian Studies Olga Voronina 
Spanish Studies Nicole Caso
Interdivisional Concentrations
Africana Studies Tabetha Ewing Dxina Mannello, x.7017
Melissa Germano, x.7667
Experimental Humanities Maria Cecire Lory Gray, x.7860
Gender & Sexuality Studies Robert Weston Leslie Clockel, x.7832
Melissa Germano, x.7667
Irish/Celtic Studies Deirdre d’Albertis Lory Gray, x.7860
Jewish Studies Cecile Kuznitz Dxina Mannello, x.7017
Latin American & Iberian Studies Nicole Caso
Medieval Studies Karen Sullivan  Lory Gray, x.7860
Middle Eastern Studies Dina Ramadan Melissa Germano, x.7667
Mind, Brain & Behavior Arseny Khakhalin
Sven Anderson (Sabb S17)
Megan Karcher, x.2340
Science, Technology & Society Gregory Moynahan, co-coordinator
Peter Skiff, co-coordinator
Megan Karcher, x.2340
Theology Bruce Chilton, co-coordinator
Nicole Caso, co-coordinator
Susan Aberth, co-coordinator
Jeanette McDonald, x.7158
Victorian Studies Stephen Graham
Arendt Center Roger Berkowitz, co-director
Jeff Katz, co-director
Tina Stanton, x.7878
Bard Prison Initiative Max Kenner Linda Steubesand, x.7308
Citizen Science Amy Savage Betsy Hoffman, x. 7490
First-Year Seminar Richard Aldous, co-director
Karen Sullivan, co-director
Julie Cerulli, x. 4535
Language and Thinking William Dixon Maria Bedo, x.7141
Posse Janet Stetson, Liaison, x. 7606