Dean of Student Affairs

As an integral partner in student academic success,

the Dean of Student Affairs Office encourages undergraduates to actively participate in all aspects of our community, develop positive and healthy relationships with their peers, and utilize the myriad resources at the College's disposal to pursue their individual goals. Our staff serve as advocates, advisers, and mentors to the student body, and prepare graduates for a lifetime of integrity, independence, and engaged citizenship.

Who We Are

Through the following services, Bard College seeks to enhance the value of the undergraduate experience and encourage students to participate actively in their community.

Our Staff

To schedule an appointment with one of the deans, please call the Center for Student Life & Advising at 845-758-7454. Students with general inquiries are also welcome to contact us via e-mail at Our office, located in Sottery Hall, is open between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the week. In the event of an emergency, please call Safety and Security at 845-758-7777 immediately.

Bethany Nohlgren

Dean of Students
Bethany Nohlgren oversees the Dean of Student Affairs Office, including the First-Year and Sophomore Deans, Student Activities, Residence Life, Health Services, Counseling Services, BRAVE, and the Wellness Coordinator. She works to ensure that students have information about and access to the vast resources available at the College. Expand for Bethany Nohlgren Expand

Timand Bates '02

Assistant Dean of Students
Timand provides personal and academic support to students navigating the distinctive challenges of the sophomore year. He works alongside academic advisers to assist students throughout the process of identifying a program of study and moderating into the Upper College.

Kevin Dean

Assistant Dean of Students
Kevin Dean provides personal support to students and helps them navigate the first-year experience at Bard. From the Language and Thinking program immediately as students arrive on campus, through the Citizen Science program in January, and to the close of the first year, Kevin is available to help students integrate personally and intellectually into the climate of Bard and together to shape a welcoming, thoughtful learning community.
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Carol Werner

Office Manager
Carol Werner has been at Bard College since 1998, and brings many years of knowledge about Bard and the Center for Student Life & Advising to her work. She manages the student support staff in the office, and updates the student handbook, office websites, and email listservs. Expand for Carol Werner Expand

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For further information, contact: 
The Dean of Student Affairs Office
Bard College
PO Box 5000
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Phone: 845-758-7454