Bard College Student Handbook

Policy Violations Outcomes

Students who are reported to have violated campus policy may go adjudicated through the campus conduct system. A student could have an informal hearing with an administrator or be seen by the Peer Review Board or Student Judiciary Board. For additional information on the campus conduct system, please refer to the Constitution of the Student Association and Chapter 5.

Consequences for violating residence hall policies include, but are not limited to: official warning, educational sanctions, fines, social probation, relocation and loss of housing privileges for current or subsequent year.  Residents may also be suspended or expelled from the residence halls and College if policy violations are continuous or egregious in nature.
Students who fail to remove themselves from situations where a policy is being violated (even if not an active participant) may be considered in violation of the policy and addressed as such.

Students wishing to appeal a decision made by a member of the staff should submit a written letter of appeal to the initial hearing officer outlining the reasons for the appeal within three business days of the issuance of the sanction.  Additional information on the appeal process can be found in the Student Government Constitution and Chapter 5.