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Motor Vehicle Regulations

All vehicles utilizing campus parking facilities on a continual basis must be registered with Security. All students with a motor vehicle on campus must pay a vehicle registration fee of $100 for the academic year at the Office of Safety and Security.

To register a vehicle:

1. Present the following to Security:

  • a valid driver’s license
  • proof of registration
  • current insurance from the state in which the vehicle is registered

 2. Place stickers on the driver’s side rear window.

Authorization for handicapped parking privileges must be obtained from Health Services.

Vehicles not registered with Security may be towed off campus at the owner’s expense. Once a tow truck is dispatched, the vehicle’s operator is responsible for the tow charge whether or not the vehicle is towed. Vehicles towed off campus are subject to the price charged by the towing company. Bard College is not responsible for any vehicle parked illegally or unregistered on campus or vehicles damaged while being towed.

Bard College students, faculty, staff, and visitors park at their own risk. While the Office of Safety and Security maintains constant and vigilant patrols throughout the year, the College will not be held liable for vehicle damage incurred from vandalism, collisions, break-ins, or other destructive circumstances, including weather-related problems.

There is ample parking in and around the Bard campus, but parking is limited on main campus. Students are encouraged to park their vehicles at one of the large student lots and walk or shuttle to classes or other activities on campus. As an environmentally aware and concerned community, typical issues concerning limited and convenient parking, blocked emergency access, tickets, and towing may easily be avoided by simply applying the “park and walk” philosophy. During the warmer months, Safety and Security encourages students to use bicycles.