Bard College Student Handbook

NYS Traffic Laws

Important NYS Traffic Laws:

“Move Over Law” – This NYS traffic law requires vehicles to “move over” and give room to emergency vehicles who are stopped along roadways performing their designated tasks. Vehicles must slow to 25 mph or to half of the posted speed limit as they pass the emergency vehicles.  Vehicles must move over to give distance between their vehicle and the stopped emergency vehicles, to avoid injury to the emergency responder(s).
Emergency vehicle right of way – if you see red lights behind you, or approaching you from the other lane, you must slow and pull off the lane you are in until the vehicle safely passes. A car in the way of a police car, ambulance, or fire truck, with lights and sirens on, must not impede the emergency vehicle as it speeds to an emergency.
Red lights, Yellow lights, Blue lights - Police and fire use red flashing lights. Civilian emergency vehicles, including Bard College Security vehicles, may use yellow. Volunteer firemen use blue lights as they race to their firehouse. In all cases, please give them the right of way when driving.
Stopped School Bus – School buses routinely travel local roadways, including Annandale Road, River Road, and Route 9G. Any bus with yellow and red flashing lights stopping along any roadway mandates that approaching vehicles MUST stop until the lights are off and the bus begins moving. This is a serious traffic circumstance, as children run to their bus for school, or run from it as they return from school, and they may enter the roadway from an area drivers may not be able to see.
Headlights should be activated when windshield wipers are on – car headlights do not get used up, or cost more gas usage when on – use them during darker days, during storms, or when raining. New York State law mandates lights being on if wipers are needed for rain.
No Texting – New York State law does not permit texting while driving – cell phones may only be used via Bluetooth or hands-free options.

Right on red – Unless otherwise noted by traffic signs, you may turn right on red lights in New York.
Window tint – State Vehicle and Traffic law section 375 restricts the amount of tint on windows. 70% light transmittance is required. Expect local law enforcement to issue tickets or warnings to drivers with darkened windows below 70%.
Vehicle Inspection/Registration – All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must be inspected and properly registered. It is a violation of law to drive any vehicle without current inspection, registration, and proof of insurance.