Bard College Student Handbook

Office of Alumni/ae Affairs

Anne Cox Chambers Alumni/ae Center, phone: 7089



All students who attended Bard College are automatically members of the Bard College Alumni/ae Association. The Bard College Alumni/ae Association is led by The Bard College Alumni/ae Association Board of Governors whose mission is to strengthen the Bard community by informing alumni/ae about the ongoing life of the College and its alumni/ae, promoting interactions between all alumni/ae, and encouraging lifelong connection, support, and loyalty to the College.
The Office of Alumni/ae Affairs welcomes contact from students interested in connecting with alumni/ae working in their field of interest, as well as students interested in finding out more about the college’s history and the legacy of its alumni/ae. Alumni/ae Affairs, in conjunction with the Career Development Office and the Center for Civic Engagement, facilitates networking opportunities between students and alumni/ae through programs such at BardWorks and individual introductions. Alumni/ae Affairs organizes  and sponsors alumni/ae returning for academic presentations, performances and lectures.
The Office of Alumni/ae Affairs maintains a vibrant social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and produces the College magazine The Bardian ( which is available on campus and is sent to all alumni/ae.
AnnandaleOnline ( contains information on all national and international special events for alumni/ae, contacts for classmates and other alumni/ae and reunion information.
The Office of Alumni/ae Affairs is located in the Anne Cox Chambers Alumni/ae Center directly opposite the main entrance to the college. Students should call 845 758 7089 or email to make an appointment or just stop by.