Bard College Student Handbook

Office of Residence Life and Housing

Brook House, phone: 7455



The Bard College Office of Residence Life and Housing is committed to the personal, social, and intellectual growth of all students living in our residence halls. To that end, we employ professional live-in staff members (Area Coordinators) and provide opportunities for student leadership (Peer Counselors) to support the residential liberal arts college experience. The staff advocates for a clean, safe living environment and treats students as adults.

The mission of the office references our utmost respect for each student as an individual. We provide appropriate support and guidance as residents embark on journeys of academic and personal discovery and growth. We promote a respectful environment where students can develop a strong sense of self and also navigate conflict with others. We seek to challenge our students to become leaders and citizens who understand their responsibility to themselves and to others in the community.

This community is developed by creating a sense of “home” where difference is valued, respected, and actively explored. We work to empower students to create more socially just communities at Bard and beyond, and we provide an outlet for healthy social interaction to balance the academic rigor of the College. We enforce College rules and regulations in a manner designed to encourage responsible, self-monitoring behavior, and we ask students as well as Peer Counselors to hold one another accountable to the community’s expectations. We expect residents to act in harmony to protect the rights of others and to create solutions in times of conflict.

We also believe that the academic mission of the College is the primary focus of our residents. Therefore, we are committed to the attainment of the highest quality of academic and personal achievement by each student. The staff endeavors to stimulate interest in open educational environments where intellectual and artistic inquiry is highly valued. Students support each other’s learning by engaging in thoughtful dialogue outside of the classroom and through practicing personal accountability, thus not infringing on another’s right to work toward their educational goals.

Living in College housing is a privilege, not a right. Students who lose their housing privileges are not entitled to a refund of their room and board payments for the remaining weeks of the semester. Housing is assigned for one full academic year. Acceptance of space in College housing reflects a knowledge of and willingness to abide by housing policies. Students are responsible for paying full room and board for the entire year. The Office of Residence Life and Housing, in consultation with other offices, enforces campus policies and the Facilities Use Agreement (see Chapter 4). If need be, the staff will levy an appropriate sanction.