Bard College Student Handbook

Damages and Fines

Damage and Expenses
The student is responsible for any loss or damage to his or her assigned room and its contents and for any damages caused by any of the student’s guests. The College does not accept responsibility for any thefts or losses from students’ rooms, storage areas, or anywhere else on campus at any time, either during semesters or breaks. This further applies to any damage from water, steam, soot, smoke, fire, or other destruction. Students are expressly prohibited from painting their rooms, removing or exchanging College furniture. Upon checkout, students will be charged for replacement costs of any missing furniture.
Additionally, the student shall reimburse the College on demand for all damages or expenses the College incurs for repair or excessive cleaning of any residential facilities and for repair or replacement of College furniture (including fire safety equipment), caused by the misconduct or negligence of the student or his or her guests. Any damages or expenses incurred in a residence hall room or facility will be charged equally to all residents of that room or to users of that facility unless the responsible person or persons assumes specific liability. These charges are applied to students’ accounts as per the determination of the Office of Residence Life & Housing. Failure to pay such charges may be cause for refusal to permit academic registration or for such other action as may be determined by the College. The policy regarding the referral of delinquent accounts that applies to room charges also applies to fines, damages and expenses.
Destruction or removal of College property is not tolerated. Furniture in social rooms and public spaces is for use in those areas; if it is moved to a student’s room, it will be regarded as stolen. Individuals involved in acts of theft, vandalism, misappropriation or destruction of property, including damage to the College landscape, will be fined $100 plus the cost of replacement or repair and will be assigned up to 5 hours of restitution to the community.
Students are prohibited from using ledges and roofs for any purpose. Students are also prohibited from hanging on balconies, and from scaling or repelling on exterior walls. Students engaging in such actions will be subject to a $100 fine, cost of associated damages, and possible loss of housing and facilities-use privileges.
Below is a list of common offenses and their corresponding fines. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.



Fire Code Violations, inclusive of: Causing fire in a Residence Hall;
Setting off a false fire alarm; Tampering with fire control doors, Tampering with fire extinguishers or alarms; Tampering with other fire safety systems and equipment; Failing to exit building during fire alarm   


maximum fine of $500 + cost of repairs, minimum of $150 fine + 5 hours community restitution

Possession of Candles/Incense

maximum fine of $500, minimum of $50 fine + 5 hours community restitution per candle/stick of incense

Being on a roof or fire escape or scaling/rappelling down campus walls



$100 + cost of repair

Forcing doors open

$100 + cost of repair

Unauthorized room change/swap


Unapproved stay on campus (inclusive of early arrivals at opening and late departures at closing)

$100 /day or any part of a day

Propping doors


Removing screen

$125 + cost of repair

Unreturned/Lost room/entrance keys

Determined by Buildings & Grounds

Additional Cleaning

Excessive Cleaning

$25 - $50

$50 - $200

Furniture not returned to original locations

$50 per item plus cost of replacement

Common room furniture found in room

$50 per item

Large items left in room (i.e. cinder blocks, sofas, etc.)

Minimum of $50 per item, maximum of $100 per item

Students wishing to appeal any fines assessed by the College should submit a written letter of appeal to the staff member who assigned the fine within two business days of the issuance of the fine.  The appeal should outline the specific reasons for appeal.