Bard College Student Handbook

Bicycle Policy

Many students bring bicycles for use during warm weather. Bicycles should be secured with standard bike locks. Bicycle “borrowing” by fellow students is very common; an unattended and unlocked bicycle may end up at another location on campus. In the event a bike goes missing, its owner should contact the Office of Safety and Security with a description of the bike and location where it was last seen.

Bicycles left on campus are at the owner’s risk. Bikes left outside should be locked and secured on a bike rack. Do not secure bikes to trees, lamp posts, fences or any other similar structure. Bard provides a limited amount of indoor bike storage for winter break. Bikes may not be stored in hallways as they impede egress causing a fire safety hazard.

Any bicycle not properly placed in a bicycle rack may be removed. Buildings and Grounds, in coordination with the Office of Safety and Security, will remove bicycles that are improperly secured to buildings, trees, or light poles, or that block access or egress to buildings (inclusive of hallways). Students should contact the Office of Safety and Security to reclaim their bikes. The College is not responsible for the damaged lock. Bicycles left on campus during the summer months will be considered abandoned. These bicycles will be collected and donated to charity or recycled. Once a bicycle is re-distributed, the bicycle cannot be reclaimed by the original owner.