Bard College Student Handbook

Bard College Administration

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Office of the President

Leon Botstein, President

Irene Zedlacher, Executive Director,  Bard Music Festival; Managing Editor, Musical Quarterly

Amie McEvoy, Assistant to the President; Manager of Music Programs; Administrative Director, The Conductors Institute

Annemarie Bemis, Executive Assistant to the President

Catherine Lluiggi, Executive Assistant to the President

Saidee Brown, Executive Assistant to the President

Pat Pontecorvo, Executive Assistant to the President (part-time)

Chelsea Camp, Administrative Assistant  to the Assistant to the President

Office of the Executive Vice President

Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Executive Vice President

James Brudvig, Vice President for Administration

Coleen Murphy Alexander, Assistant Vice President for Administration

Taun Toay, Associate Vice President

Joe Ahern, Director of Institutional Research

Deborah C. Treadway, Assistant to the Executive Vice President

Theresa Desmond, Staff Assistant to the Vice President for Administration

Office of Academic Affairs

Michèle Dominy, Vice President and Dean of the College

Robert L. Martin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of Conservatory of Music

Jonathan Becker, Vice President and Dean for International Affairs and Civic Engagement

David Shein, Dean of Studies

Mark Halsey, Associate Dean of the College

Nicholas Lewis, Assistant Dean of the College and Community Life Chaplain

Jennifer Triplett, Director of Academic Advising

Bruce Chilton, Director, Institute of Advanced Theology

Thomas Keenan, Director and Fellow of the Institute for Human Rights

Brooke Jude, Director of Citizen Science Program

Manishka Kalupahana, International Student Adviser

Trish Fleming, Study Abroad Advisor

Eileen Brickner, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Laurie Nash, Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College

Rachel Price, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College

Karen Becker, Administrative Assistant to the  Associate Dean of the College

Lisa Whalen, Executive Assistant to the Vice President and Dean for International Affairs and Civic Engagement

Julie Cerulli, Program Assistant for Citizen Science and First-Year Seminar

Susan Gillespie, Vice President for Global Initiatives, Director of the Institute for International Liberal Education

Kathy Hewett-Smith, Assistant Director of IILE, Assistant Dean of International Studies

Sharon Cody, Executive Assistant and Financial Manager, IILE

Jennifer Kloes, Director of Recruitment; International Program Manager, IILE

Kimberly Bail, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Special Global Initiatives; Faculty Administrative Assistant

Norton Batkin, Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies

Marie Balogh, Assistant to the Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies

Thomas Eccles, Executive Director of the Center for Curatorial Studies

Johanna Burton, Director of the Graduate Program at the Center for Curatorial Studies

Letitia Smith, Graduate Program Administrator, Center for Curatorial Studies

Eban Goodstein, Director of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy

Josephine French, Program Administrator and Assistant to the Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy

Molly Williams, Admissions Coordinator, Bard Center for Environmental Policy

Ric Campbell, Dean of Teacher Education and Founding Director of the Bard Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Cecilia Maple, Director of Admission; Program Administrator, Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Arthur Gibbons, Director, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts

Susan Tveekrem, Managing Director, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts

Kayo Iwama, Head of Program, Graduate Program in Vocal Arts

Dawn Upshaw, Artistic Director of the Graduate Vocal Arts Program; Charles Franklin Kellogg and Grace E. Ramsey Kellogg Professor of the Arts and Humanities

Zoe Auerbach, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Program in Vocal Arts

Harold Farberman, Founder and Artistic Director of The Conductors Institute

James Bagwell, Director, Music Program; Director, Orchestral and Choral Music; Professor of Music

Amie McEvoy, Manager of Music Programs and Administrative Director of The Conductors Institute

The Learning Commons

James Keller, Director

Jane Smith, Assistant Director

Sean Newcott, Writing Center Supervisor and Tutor Coordinator

Maria Belk, Director of Quantitative Literacy

Amy Shein, Disability Support Coordinator

Denise Minin, ESL Coordinator

David Register, Public Speaking Instructor

Josh Kopin, Writing Center Intern

Craig Jude, Biology Study Coordinator

, Administrative Assistant

Office of Student Affairs

Mary Backlund, Vice President for Student Affairs

Erin Cannan, Dean of Student Affairs

Bethany Nohlgren, Dean of Students

Gretchen Perry, Dean of Campus Life

Lora Seery, Associate Dean of Students

Mary Ann Krisa, Assistant Dean of Students

Carol Werner, Office Manager, Dean of Student Affairs Office

Annie Seaton, Director of Difference and Media Project; Director of Multicultural Affairs

Julie Silverstein, Director of Student Activities and Bertelsmann Campus Center

Brian Mateo, Associate Director of Student Activities and Bertelsmann Campus Center

Kristin Betts, College Space Coordinator and Student Activities Assistant

Jeffery Smith, Facilities and Transportation

Rebecca Stacy, Director of BRAVE

Paul Marienthal, Associate Dean for Civic Engagement, Director of Trustee Leader Scholar Program

Susanna Armbruster, Assistant Director of Trustee Leadership Scholar Program

Office of Residence Life and Housing

Ashley Boltrushek, Director, Residence Life

Nancy Smith, Director of Housing

Amanda Beirne, Area Coordinator

Kimberly Jackowitz, Area Coordinator

, Area Coordinator

, Area Coordinator

Tamara Stafford, Administrative Assistant

Cicily Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Counseling Services

Tamara Telberg, LCSWR, Director

Jennifer White, LCSW, Assistant Director

Larry Cerecedes, Ph.D., Staff Counselor

Laura MacDonald, Psy.D., Staff Counselor

Rebecca Stacy, LCSW, Staff Counselor

James Standefer, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist

Ilyse Simon, RD, Consulting Nutritionist and Dietitian

Linda Christensen, Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Wood, Receptionist

Health Services

Marsha Davis, FNP, Director

Barbara-Jean Briskey, FNP, Associate Director

Peggy Mantey, Registered Nurse

Andrea Provan, FNP, Nurse Practitioner

Angela Cavanna, DO, Staff Physician

Linda Christensen, Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Wood, Receptionist

Athletics and Recreation

Kristen Hall, Director

James Sheahan, Sports Information Director

Christopher Jones, Head Athletic Trainer

Devon Tomsom, Assistant  Athletics Director and Head Men’s Soccer Coach

Bill Kelly, Director of Recruiting and Head Women's Soccer Coach

Adam Turner, Assistant Athletics Director and Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Sarah Lombard, Assistant Athletics Director and Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Tucker Kear, Assistant Athletics Director and Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Hannah Taylor, Assistant Athletics Director and Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Ed Kahovek, Assistant Atheltics Director and Head Baseball Coach

Jamie Hooper, Administrative Assistant

Office of Information Services

Jeffrey Katz, Dean of Information Services,
     Director of Libraries


Chris Baker, Cataloguing Associate

Jenny Bosgang, Periodicals Associate

Elizabeth Cawley, Information Technology Librarian

Anna Cinquemani, Digital Image Cataloguer

Susan Decker Herman, Acquisitions Librarian

Jane Dougall, Librarian for Reference and Collections Development

Jeremy Hall, Library Webmaster

Kristin Hall, Administrative Assistant

Amy Herman, Visual Resources Curator

Carl Hoyt, Circulation Associate

Jane Hryshko, Associate Librarian

Debbie Klein, Assistant Visual Curator

Kate Laing, Digital Resources/Reference Librarian

June Martin, Cataloguing Associate

Irv Mayer, Materials Preparer

Bonnie Sgarro, Head of Cataloguing and Technical Services

Helene Tieger, College Archivist

TBD, Reserves Associate

Information Technology Services

David Brangaitis, Manager, Networks & Systems

Dawn Alexander, Web Applications Developer

Carmel Collins, Macintosh Desktop Technology Support

Marilyn Cox, Network Administrator

Joe DeFranco, Manager, User Services

Lori Foster, Web Production Specialist

Karen Homan, Documentation and Training Specialist

Chris Iverson, Networks & Systems 

Sean Maguire, Systems Administrator

Leslie Melvin, Coordinator of Academic

Juliet Meyers, Web Services Coordinator

Rae Ann Moore, Administrative Assistant

Jeff Pigula, Systems Administrator

Darrian Rodgers, Web Production Specialist

Maya vanderMeer, Web Graphic Designer

Vince Winig, PC Desktop Technology Support

Management Information Services (MIS)

Michael Tompkins, Director, Management Information Services

Sean McGuirk, Database Administrator

Michael Scheringer, M.I.S. Technical Assistant

Office of the Registrar

Peter Gadsby, Associate Vice President for Enrollment, Registrar

Mary Ann Barrows, Assistant Registrar

Brenda Bassett, Assistant to the Registrar

Diane M. Smith, Associate Registrar

Nicole vanZutphen, Transcript Clerk

Opportunity Programs

Jane Duffy, Director

Brandon Brown, Assistant Director

Kelly Tompkins, Academic Coach

Divisional and Departmental Support Services

Andrew B. Champ-Doran, Technical Director for Theater and Dance

Jeffrey Drucker, Production Stage Manager/Company Manager

Kendra Lott, General Manager, Dance and Theater

Bonnie Anthony, Programs Associate, Dance and Theater

Jennifer Lown, Assistant to Dance and Theater

Maureen Schell, Costume Shop Manager

John Musall, Lighting and Sound Supervisor

Chris Fedorak, Technical Director, Photography

Amy Herman, Visual Resources Curator, Art History Program

Melody Goodwin, Program Administrator, Studio Arts

TBA, Administrative Assistant, Art History

Jesse Cain, Technical Director, Film & Elec. Arts

Miriam Lipson, Administrative Assistant, Film & Electronic Arts

Maureen O’Callaghan-Scholl, Laboratory Manager

Stephanie Kufner, Foreign Language Laboratory Coordinator

James Mongan, Assistant, Music Program

Leslie Clockel, Faculty Secretary

Cindy Herchenroder, Faculty Secretary

Megan Karcher, Faculty Secretary

Debbie Klein, Assistant Curator of Visual Resources

Anna Cinquemani, Digital Image Cataloger

Career Development

April Kinser, Director

Maureen Aurigemma, Career Adviser

Sarah Drabick, Manager, Employee Relations and Recruitment


Bruce Chilton, Chaplain of the College

Nicholas Lewis, Campus Life Chaplain

Ginger Grab, Ecumenical Chaplain

, Imam

David Nelson, Rabbi

Joseph Mali, Catholic Chaplain

Office of Admission

Mary Backlund, Director of Admission and Vice President of Student Affairs

Greg Armbruster, Associate Director of Admission, Director of Transfer Admission

Joanna Fivelsdal Baker, Assistant Director of Admission, IT Strategies

Sherry Gildersleeve, Administrative Assistant, International Applications

Kate Hardy, Admission Counselor

Bill Kelly, Director of Athletic Recruiting

Angela Kozlakowski, Manager of Admission Communications, Assistant Director of Admission

Bonnie Marcus, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Chicago Office

Priscilla Mazal, Office Manager

Kathleen McManus, Database Coordinator

Shelley Morgan, Associate Director of Admission, New England Coordinator

Thomas Serino, Admission Counselor

Janet Stetson, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Coordinator of Faculty/Parent/Alumnae Relations

Lily Sutton, Director of Conservatory Admission

Office of Student Accounts

Gwen Menshenfriend, Bursar

Brenda Capel, Student Accounts Representative

Nicole Carney, Student Accounts Representative

Cathryn Hay, Student Accounts Representative

Carol Hosier, Student Accounts Representative

Mary Beth Perfas, Student Accounts Representative

Office of Student Financial Aid

Denise Ackerman, Director

Lisa Embleton, Assistant Director

Diane Donohue, Assistant Director

Micki Strawinski, Student Employment Manager

Central Services

Michael Nicolas, Director

Heidi Simmons, Associate Director

Office of Development and Alumni/ae Affairs

Debra Pemstein, Vice President for Development and Alumni/ae Affairs

Amy Husten, Director of Development

Jane Brien ‘89, Director of Alumni/ae Affairs

Linda Baldwin, Special Events Manager

Tina Stanton, Commencement Assistant

Sasha Boak-Kelly, Director of the Annual Fund

Anne Canzonetti '84, Deputy Director, Alumni/ae Affairs

Tina Coons, Development Systems Associate

Robert Laity, Assistant Director of the Annual Fund

Mollie Meikle ’03, Assistant Director of
Development, Alumni/ae Programs

Jennifer Montalbano, Assistant Director of Development, Parent Programs

Tracy Priest, Administrative Assistant

Mary Strieder, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Development and Alumni/ae Affairs

Joanna Tanger, Program Assistant, Alumni/ae Affairs

Daina Vitin, Development Associate

Susan White, Gift Recorder

Physical Plant Operations

Charles Simmons, Director of Physical Plant

Michael Bemis, Director of Buildings and Grounds

Randy Clum, Assistant Director

Dave Walsh, Assistant Director

Gerard Nesel, Assistant Director

Amy Foster, Manager, Horticulture

Dan DeCiutiis, Carpentry and Painters Supervisor

Anne Bahan, Inventory Control Coordinator

Laurie Husted, Environmental Resources Auditor

Melanie Wambach, Purchasing Agent

Audrey Smith, Administrative Assistant

Brian Moore, Receiving Clerk

Safety and Security

Ken Cooper, Director

Donald Lown, Assistant Director

Robert Bathrick, Officer

Larry Benson, Officer

Dave Cella, Officer

Mike Davidson, Officer

Max Dube, Officer

Damian Dupuy, Officer

Jim Geskie, Officer

Robert Gillon, Officer

Kenneth Kellenbenz, Officer

Fred Kimlin, Officer

Kacey Lucas, Officer

Jarrett Oakes, Officer

Clifton Powell, Officer

William Powell, Officer

Aleksandar Skular, Officer

Isidora Skular, Officer


Jack Derby, Security Monitor

Jocelyn Coon, Security Monitor


Leslee Chinelli, Operator/Receptionist

Mathilda Horowitz, Operator/Receptionish

The Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College

TBA, Director

Susana Meyer, Associate Director

Ray Stegner, Assistant to Managing Director

Kimberly Henschel, Assistant Controller and Director of Budget

Robert Airhart, Production Manager

Paul LaBarbera, Sound and Video Engineer

Stephen Dean, Stage Operations Manager

Mark Crittenden, Facilities Manager

Jeannie Schneider, Administrative Assistant

Elena Batt, Box Office Manager

Austin Miller ‘06, Assistant General Manager and House Manager

Ray Stegner, Assistant to General Manager

Doug Pitcher, Building Operations Coordinator

Abigail Lundquist Botstein Nursery School

, Director

Allison Pulver, Co-Head Teacher

Frances Mercado
, Co-Head Teacher

Bard Children’s Center

Kristine Williams, Director

Lauren Lamoree, Teacher

Lisa Benincasa, Teacher

The Bard Center

Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Executive Director

Deborah C. Treadway, Assistant to the Executive Director

Amie McEvoy, Concert Manager

Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series

Mark Halsey, Director

Megan Karcher, Coordinator

Institute for Writing and Thinking

Teresa Vilardi, Director

, Assistant Director

Judi Smith, Program Administrator

Language and Thinking Program

Thomas Bartscherer, Director

Rebecca Smylie, Program Assistant

Auxiliary Services


Merry Meyer, Manager

Jan Anspach, Textbook Manager

Dining Services

Chas Cerulli, Director

Alan Wolfzahn, Assistant Director; Catering Manager

Chris McMahan, Executive Chef

Anne Trombetti, Dining Room Manager

Anthony Montgomery, Manager, Down the Road Café

Brian Grant, Production Manager, Manor Café

Georgette Hill, Marketing Assistant

John Moore, Administrative Assistant

Environmental Services

Michael Bemis, Director

Brian Kiel, Assistant Director