Bard College Student Handbook

Office of Student Activities

Bertelsmann Campus Center, phone: 7097



The Office of Student Activities oversees the operation of the Bertelsmann Campus Center and works with students to develop weekly activities and programs. The office also provides support to student government and campus clubs. Student Activities offers a Thursday Night Live series in Down the Road Café, and a Friday and Saturday night movie series in Weis Cinema co-sponsored by the Bard Film Committee, as well as annual traditions such as Welcome Back Weekend, Urban Cowboy, Spring Fling, and many more. The Student Publicity and Activities Resource Center (SPARC) is also located within Student Activities and provides logistical support for all student-run events on campus.  Consult with SPARC about registration procedures for all events (also see Events Registration in the College Policies, Regulatios and Procedures section of this Handbook).